the sonic bloom

with esoterica

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
14:00 to 17:00
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lalo schifrindirty harry themedirty harry soundtrackaleph1972
charie parkerhappy bird bluesthe "happy" birdcharlie parker1961
rev. gary davisdevil's dreamthe guitar and banjo of reverend gary davisprestige1964
teenage fanclubeverything flowsmatador at 21: The Pre-Dawn (1989-1992)matador2010C
johnny marrupstartsupstartssire2013
debo bandeleere gobezfpe2016
ty seagallthe westsleeperdrag city2013
john lennon and yoko ono(just like) starting overdouble fantasygeffen1980
betty davisdon't call her no trampthey say i'm differentjust sunshineoe 1974/2005
sacred pawsnothingstrike a matchrock action2017*
run to sandybaltimoresave the piecesself produced2017
los bravosblack is blackblack is blackDecca1966
hugo montenegrothe ecstasy of goldmusic from "fistful of dollars, for a few dollars more, the good, the bad and the uglyrca1968
ramonesdo you remember rock n' roll radioend of the centurysire1980
keith leveneif six was nineviolent oppositiontaang!1988
the syn14 hour technicolor dream7 inchderam1967
bobby womackacross 110th streeta midnight moverminit1968
pink fairiesdo it!s/tpolydor1975
the animals talkin' about you talkin' about youcolumbia1964
h.p.zinkerdancing daysmatador at 21: The Pre-Dawn (1989-1992)matador2010
skeeter davis(theme from) a summer placesingin' in the summer sunrca victor1966
mott the hooplerock and roll queenrock and roll queenatlantic1974
audrey hepburn and henry mancinimoon riverbreakfast at tiffany's: music from the motion pictureintrada2013
joan baezbirmingham sunday5vanguard1965
yo la tengonothing to hidematador at 21 (2008-)matador2010C
kissshe (live)kiss alive!casablanca1975
jay reatardthere is no sunmatador at 21 (2008-)matador2010C
warren zevonpoor poor pitiful mes/tasylum1976
david lindleymercury bluesel rayo-xasylum1981
the blues magooslove seems doomedpsychedelic lollipopmercury1966
times new vikingmove to californiamatador at 21 (2008-)matador2010C
jan and deanthe little old lady from pasadenathe little old lady from pasadenaliberty1964R
newtown neuroticsagonybeggars can be choosersrazor1983
glaxo babiesthis is your life12"heartbeat1979
smelt daddyhow low can you goi stayed up all night listening to recordsanyway1998C
the new pornographersmy shepherdmatador at 21 (2008-)matador2010C
tobin sprouta walk across the bridgethe universe and meburger2017*
glaxo babieswho killed bruce lee12"heartbeat1979
tobin sproutfuture boy today/man of tomorrowthe universe and meburger2017*
spider bagsquetzalcoatl love songshake my headodessa2012
josefuscrazy mandead manhookah1970