with Chaotic Neutral

Teen Feels + Angst Edition!!!

Monday, March 6, 2017
21:30 to 23:30
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Artist Song Album Label Request
number one gun the victory to the secrets and knowledge
reggie and the full effect girl, why'd you run away? greatest hits '84-'87
weezer i just threw out the love of my dreams pinkerton
hey mercedes eleven to your seven everynight fire works
emery in shallow seas we sail in shallow seas we sail
silverstein smile in your sleep discovering the waterfront
number one gun the best of you and me the north pole project
mae skyline drive destination: beautiful
the world is a beautiful place heartbeat in the brain whenever, if ever
you blew it! match and tinder keep doing what you're doing
taking back sunday makedamnsure louder now
emery listening to freddie mercury the question
come wind clarity move in place
further seems forever the sound how to start a fire
dance gavin dance we own the night instant gratification
12 stones anthem for the underdog anthem for the underdog
all get out chasing skirt nobody likes a quitter
godspeed you! black emperor the dead flag blues f#a#infinity
bad books forest whitaker bad books II triple crown R
transit outbound stay home ep R
thursday understanding in a car crash full collapse
the get up kids holiday something to write home about
armor for sleep dream to make believe dream to make believe
senses fail buried a lie let it enfold you
bayside devotion and desire bayside
the fall of troy f.c.p.r.e.m.i.x. doppelganger
straylight run existentialism on prom night straylight run
the anniversary the d in detroit designing a nervous breakdown
spitalfield i loved the way she said l.a. remember right now
the dangerous summer the permanent rain reach for the sun
american football ill see you when we're both not so emotional american football
tigers jaw i was never your boyfriend tigers jaw
motion city soundtrack the future freaks me out i am the movie
the beatles yer blues the beatles R