don't back the front

with dana k

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
for against shine echelons 1987
the sound hot house 7" 1982
colin newman you, me, and happy not to 1982
new model army white coats s/t 1987
girls names hypnotic regression the new life 2013
modern english a viable commercial mesh & lace 1981
camberwell now speculative fiction the ghost trade 1986
wire diamonds in cups silver/lead 2017
felt something sends me to sleep 7" 1981
the durutti column katharine the return of the durutti column 1980
the sea nymphs cut yourself kidding on the dry land 2016
microdisney idea everybody is fantastic 1984
cranes inescapable inescapable EP 1990
nine circles i'm deeply touched s/t 1982/1996
bocal 5 cobra musique electronique 1983/2017 *
the neon judgment too cold to breathe cockerille-sombre 1983/2017 *
lemon kittens P.V.S we buy a hammer for daddy 1980
nash the slash wolf children of the night 1981
eleven pond portugal bas relief 1986/2013
moev cracked mirror rotting geraniums 1982
bona dish sand the zaragoza tapes 1981/2013
strawberry switchblade the seaside (go away) demo 1982/2017
marine girls lazy ways pillows and prayers 1982
thomas leer international 7" 1978
stepping talk common problems messthetics 107 1979/2009
the reflections zigzagging slugs and toads 1981
desperate bicycles occupied territory 7" 1978