The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 269: Thank You Junie Morrison

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
20:00 to 23:00
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shufu abe & h. seizan shibatashungyojapanese poetry chantlyrichord197?
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sleater-kinneysurface envy (live)live in parissub pop2015/2017
funkadelicone nation under a grooveone nation under a groovewarner bros.1978 thank you junie
ohio playerspainpainwestbound1971/2 junie's first hit, age 17
juniewhen we dowhen we dowestbound/20th century1975
ohio playerspleasurepleasurewestbound1972
parliament(you're a fish and i'm a) water signmotor-booty affaircasablanca1978 junie as j.s. theracon
bernie worrell feat. junie morrison (aka j.s. thiracon)i'll be with youall the woo in the worldarista1978
junie morrisontriunetesting positive 4 the funkp-vine/aem1978/1993 C
ohio playersecstasyecstasywestbound1973
junie morrisonsuper spiritplush funkp-vine/aem1978/1992 C
funkadelicwho says a funk band can't play rock?!one nation under a groovewarner bros.1978
juniecookies will get youfreezewestbound1975
ohio playersfunky wormpleasurewestbound1972
junietightropewhen we dowestbound1974/5
funkadelic(not just) knee deepuncle jam wants youwarner bros.1979 contrary to the credits, junie wrote and arranged the music, and plays nearly everything
junie morrisoncan't get over losing youa fifth of funkp-vine/aem1978/1993
funkadelicgroovallegianceone nation under a groovewarner bros.1978
ohio playerslaid itpleasurewestbound1972
parliamentthe motor-booty affairmotor-booty affaircasablanca1978
ohio playersrooster pootrattlesnakewestbound197?/5 C
juniesuzie thundertussysuzie super groupiewestbound1976
ohio players(i wanna know) do you feel itecstasywestbound1973
parliamentdeepmotor-booty affaircasablanca1978 thanks again junie