The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 269: Thank You Junie Morrison

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
mf doom orris root powder special herbs vol. 0 shaman work 2005 C
ash borer the irrepassable gate the irrepassable gate profound lore 2016
shufu abe & h. seizan shibata shungyo japanese poetry chant lyrichord 197?
six organs of admittance things as they are burning the threshold drag city 2017
blood incantation chaoplasm starspawn dark descent 2016
sunny murray red cross sunshine byg/actuel 1969
sleater-kinney surface envy (live) live in paris sub pop 2015/2017
funkadelic one nation under a groove one nation under a groove warner bros. 1978 thank you junie
ohio players pain pain westbound 1971/2 junie's first hit, age 17
junie when we do when we do westbound/20th century 1975
ohio players pleasure pleasure westbound 1972
parliament (you're a fish and i'm a) water sign motor-booty affair casablanca 1978 junie as j.s. theracon
bernie worrell feat. junie morrison (aka j.s. thiracon) i'll be with you all the woo in the world arista 1978
junie morrison triune testing positive 4 the funk p-vine/aem 1978/1993 C
ohio players ecstasy ecstasy westbound 1973
junie morrison super spirit plush funk p-vine/aem 1978/1992 C
funkadelic who says a funk band can't play rock?! one nation under a groove warner bros. 1978
junie cookies will get you freeze westbound 1975
ohio players funky worm pleasure westbound 1972
junie tightrope when we do westbound 1974/5
funkadelic (not just) knee deep uncle jam wants you warner bros. 1979 contrary to the credits, junie wrote and arranged the music, and plays nearly everything
junie morrison can't get over losing you a fifth of funk p-vine/aem 1978/1993
funkadelic groovallegiance one nation under a groove warner bros. 1978
ohio players laid it pleasure westbound 1972
parliament the motor-booty affair motor-booty affair casablanca 1978
ohio players rooster poot rattlesnake westbound 197?/5 C
junie suzie thundertussy suzie super groupie westbound 1976
ohio players (i wanna know) do you feel it ecstasy westbound 1973
parliament deep motor-booty affair casablanca 1978 thanks again junie