Low-Brow Radio

with Deirdre Dionysiac

For the Mondays...

Monday, February 27, 2017
14:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Various (Some Lock Grooves) RRR500 1.
Little Annie Thirteen Things I Did Today Interiors 2. over lock grooves
Absolute Body Control Tanzmusik Untitled ('87 Etiquette Records Comp.) 3.
Xenia Rubinos Pan y cafe Magic Trix 4.
MC Hellshit and DJ Carhouse I'm Eep Live! 5.
Guttene Fra Gokkohjornet Ikke Vaer Redd Maskindans - Norsk Synth 1980-1988 6.
The Happy Eggs And Sons of Baskerville Wake Up (7") 7.
Ween I'm Dancing in the Show Tonight The Mollusk 8.
Wipers Let's Go Away Is This Real? 9.
Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth Colossal Youth 10.
Unit: 3 with Venus Dream Monsters Beer (7") 11. featuring pre-teen "Venus" and her parents
Aksak Maboul Mercredi Matin Onze Danses Pour Combattre la Migraine 12.
Albert Marcoeur Linge Sale Armes & Cycles 13.
Grazia Soyle Beni Grazia 14.
Mark Feehan Carmen 101 / Der Vogel Sagt M.F. II Richie Records 15 & 16. *
ON MIC: Aaron Dilloway Untitled Psychic Driving Tapes 17.
Gary Wilson Another Time I Could Have Loved You You Think You Really Know Me 18.
The Beach Boys Unreleased Backgrounds Pet Sounds 19.
Dungen Badsang Ta det lungt 20.
Delia Derbyshire Ziwzih Ziwzih Oo-Oo-Oo BBC Radiophonic Workshop 21.
Cukor Bila Smert Smilyvo Khodyt' Do Zymy Selo 22.
Big Blood Bah-num Big Blood & the Bleedin' Hearts 23.
Trixie's Big Red Motorbike In Timbuktu The Intimate Sound of Trixie's Big Red Motorbike 24.
As Mercenarias Policia Cade as armas? 25.
Family Fodder Wrong Monkey Banana Kitchen 26.
Rica Moore The Division Riffle Walt Disney's Multiplication & Division 27.
Marcus Schmickler Discordance Axis Palace of Marvels (Queered Pitch) 28.
Massacre Bones Killing Time 29.
Bourbonese Qualk Kinglake Archive 1980-1986 30.
Patrick Cowley & Candida Royalle Tomato Song Candida Cosmica Dark Entries 31. working with Bourbonese Qualk
ON MIC: Colin Potter Everybody Dance The Ghost Office 32.
Caribou Hands First The Milk of Human Kindness 33.
McCarthy In Purgatory A La Guillotine ! 34.
Micachu and the Shapes Sweetheart Jewellery 35.
D & V Jekyll and Hyde The Nearest Door 36.
Swell Maps Let's Build a Bridge In "Jane from Occupied Europe" 37.
Sun City Girls I Protect You from Me Horse Cock Phepner 38.
Negativland Clowns and Ballerinas A Big 10-8 Place 39.
Daniel Johnston Jelly Beans Fun 40.
Shonen Knife I Wanna Eat Chocobars Pretty Little Baka Guy 41.
ON MIC (AD): David Byrne and Brian Eno Two Against Three My Life in the Bush of Ghosts 42.
Ceramic Hello Im/Ex The Absence of a Canary 43.
Suzanne Ciani And All Dreams Are Not for Sale Voices of Packaged Souls 44. working with RRR500
Solid Space Radio France Space Museum 45.
Rexy Heartbreak Hotel Running Out of Time 46.
My Bloody Valentine Touched Loveless 47. probably one of the most recognizable "filler" tracks out there
Deerhoof That Big Orange Sun Run Over Speed Light Milk Man 48.
The Caretaker The Sublime Is Disappointingly Elusive An Empty Bliss Beyond This World 49.
Half Japanese The House I Live in We Are They Who Ache with Amorous Love 50!
Laserdisc Visions Mind Access New Dreams Ltd. 51.
The Shadow Ring Mindart Lighthouse 52.
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks Baby Doll Teenage Jesus and the Jerks 53.
The Stupid Babies Baby Sitters Earcom 3 54.
Talulah Gosh Testcard Girl Testcard Girl 55.
Flat Duo Jets Pink Gardenia Flat Duo Jets 56.
Jean-Claude Vannier L'enfant assassin des mouches L'enfant assassin des mouches 57.
Aphrodite's Child The Seventh Seal 666 58.
ON MIC: Boards of Canada The Color of the Fire Music Has the Right to Children 59.
The Gerogerigegege Rock 'n Roll Tokyo Anal Dynamite 61.
The Holy Modal Rounders Interlude The Moray Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders 62.
The Birthday Party Just You and Me Prayers on Fire 63.
Department of Eagles Dinner for Two The Cold Nose 64.
Shugo Tokumaru D.P.O. Exit 65.
Primal Scream Velocity Girl Crystal Crescent 66.
Pere Ubu I, Will Wait Dub Housing 67.
Tom Waits Trouble's Braids Swordfishtrombones 68.
Der Plan Untitled Fix Planet! 69.
Essential Logic Aerosol Burns Aerosol Burns (7") 70.
Dinosaur L #2 (No, Thank You) 24-->24 Music 71.
Asmus Tietchens Stressmen Biotop 72.
Throbbing Gristle Blood on the Floor D.O.A: The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle 73.
lovesliescrushing butterfly bloweyelashwish 74.
Animal Collective College Sung Tongs 75.
ON MIC: Aphex Twin I Selected Ambient Works 85-92 76.
ON MIC: George Stabler Omaha Flute Music: Three Selections String of Pearls: International 78s 77.
Boredoms 52 Boredom (Club Mix) Soul Discharge 78.
The 49 Americans The Uncertainty Principle Too Young to Be Ideal! 79.
Steve Treatment Tempest Fashion Baby Messthetics #102 80.
Bobby Beausoleil Lucifer Rising Takes Four & Five Lucifer Rising 81. *
Ti-Tho Die Liebe Ist Ein Abenteuer Traumtanzer 82.
The Desperate Bicycles Don't Back the Front The Medium Was the Tedium / Don't Back the Front 83. With apologies to Dana + Dondi (in honor of...?)
The Pastels Over My Shoulder Truckload of Trouble 84.
Alvarius B. Bleak Alvarius B. ('94) 85.
Paavoharju Vitivalkoinen Yha khamaraa 86. more lock grooves
Penguin Cafe Orchestra Zopf: Coronation Music from the Penguin Cafe 87.
Swell Maps Don't Throw Ashtrays at Me! A Trip to Marineville 88.
ON MIC (AD): Actress Don't Ghettoville 89.
Pink, Plastic & Panties Bla-Bla Bla-Bla / Anger 90. courtesy of Aida's archives!
DJ Beehive Evacuation Run! The Bees Are Gunna Getcha DJ Rainbow Ejaculation 91.
The Delinquents Do You Have a Job for a Girl Like Me? Alien Beach Party (7") 92.
Broadcast Oh How I Miss You Haha Sound 93.
Black Tambourine Tears of Joy Black Tambourine 94.
Syd Dale Penthouse Sweet (aka Man Friday) Playmates Penthouse 95.
The Red Krayola Big (feat. Holly Pritchett) God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail with It 96.
1/2 Japanese Grrrrrrrrr 1/2 Gentlemen / Not Beasts 97.
The's One Potato The's 98.
Amos & Sara Pain Mambo Amos & Sara... Invite to Endless Latino 99.
385 Masakari No Miso Araou 100!! ...o frabjous day. a thousand lillies upon thy head
Sun City Girls Esta Susan en casa? Horse Cock Phepner 101...
Comus Bitten First Utterance 102.
TwinSisterMoon Water Barrier The Snowbringer Cult 103.
Hands To Egress 14 Egress 104.
Hawkwind 10 Seconds of Forever Space Ritual 105. a lil sound mixin!
Annelie Gahl, Klaus Lang / John Cage Harmony 26 Melodies & Harmonies 106.
A Mouse Orchestra A Lump in Your Throat, Pt. 2 A Lump in Your Throat 107.
ON MIC: Ksiezyc Smieszki Ksiezyc 108.
ON MIC: Oneohtrix Point Never Ouroboros Returnal 109.
Felt Now Summer's Spread Its Wings Again Penelope Tree 110.
Bruce Haack & Miss Nelson Nothing to Do The Way-Out Record for Children 111.