Learn Your ABC's

with Deirdre Dionysiac

Scratching on Strings, Looping Pianos, Backyard Crooning & the Post-Punk Fare

Monday, February 20, 2017
14:00 to 17:00
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The Red CrayolaWives in OrbitWives in OrbitRadar Records1978; somewhat obscure later 7" release by the Mayo Thompson-fronted greats of art rock
Raccoo-oo-oonUh-OhIs Night PeopleNight People2005; cassette release of an Iowa City based noise rock band, active 2005-2008
Ryuichi SakamotoWar & PeaceChasmWarner Music Japan (yuck)2004; help from Haruomi Hosono and Arto Lindsay on this track, among many others
RapoonPianos CollidingAlrealon Musique Presents:-:::From A to U:::Wire Magazine, Alrealon Musique2015; long-time moniker of Robin Storey from :zoviet*france:
R. Buckminster FullerRome (sic?) Home to a Dome------a youtube clip of Bucky singing about his beloved domes
Regular MusicIdyllic RhythmsRegular MusicRough Trade1985; avant-classical group formed by drummer Charles Hayward
The RaincoatsBlack and WhiteThe RaincoatsRough Trade1979; joyous day!
PalbertaNoseBye Bye BertaWharf Cat2017; potent shortform art-punk spazzouts by a trio of Bard College grads*
Riasni Drova ConsortOy glian khto i na Boga, a potishy meneBelow the Radar Special Edition: Zikro - Advanced Music from UkraineWire Magazine, Below the Radar2013; scrrrratch
Rosa EskenaziE kardia mou theliString of Pearls: International 78sMississippi Records2009; famous Jewish-Greek singer of Rebetiko and Greek folk music between the 1920s and 1970s. The release itself is one of the many well-curated compilations of bargain-bin "world/international" section finds, this time by Ian Nagoski, a radio host and musician who participated in Pelt's 2001 album "Ayahuasca"
The Riot SquadI Take It We're ThroughI Take It We're Through / Working ManPye Records1966; British garage rock group. This song was released on the 2004 compilation "Spacelines (Sonic Sounds for Subterraneans): The Roots of Spacemen 3", which was an album put together by Pete Kember (aka "Sonic Boom") of the songs that were formative on Spacemen 3's sonic palette. Check this album out if you're a fan of the band!
Rob Mazurek OctetSkull Caves of Alderon (excerpt)Skull SessionsCuneiform Records2013; Mazurek is a Jersey City produced (a product?) Don Cherry buff and unique trumpeter in his own right. He collaborates frequently with guitarist Jeff Parker under the name "Chicago Underground Orchestra" (where he has resided since his pre-teen years).
R. Stevie MooreI Got Into Your MindDelicate TensionHP Music1979; a tender, anthemic tune from the second LP release in Moore's enormous discography
Rex IlusiviiMoon Cage IIn the Moon CageOffen Music2015 (orig. 1988); Serbian-born musician and composer who came to renown as a producer in Brazil in the 90's. The recordings on this album were released for the first time 27 years after their creation
Robert WyattFree Will and TestamentShleepThirsty Ear1997; backing guitar and harmony vocals by Paul Weller on this one
Randy Van Horne & His Swinging ChoirWhere Are YouClef DwellersRCA Victor1958
RaumEvent of Your LeavingEvent of Your LeavingGlass, House2013; duo of the inimitable Liz Harris (aka Grouper) from Portland, and San Francisco-based ambient artist Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Roscoe HolcombI Am a Man of Constant SorrowAn Untamed Sense of Constant SorrowSmithsonian Folkways2003 (orig. 1962); an unforgettable figure in the Appalachian folk tradition who doesn't seem to get his due in the discussion of the greats
Natural Snow BuildingsCarnal FlowersDaughter of DarknessBa Da Bing!2013 (orig. 2009); 6xCD repressing of the self-released 2009 album of massive tribal/drone/ritual backwood goodness*
Renaldo & the LoafCast Iron SmileBehind Closed CurtainsSecret Records, Klanggalerie2016 (orig. 1979); recorded and then shelved for 35 years, and just released this past summer!
Remko SchaUntitledGuitar Mural 1 featuring the MachinesTaal Beeld Geluid1982 cassette; recordings from an installation in the Netherlands in which Scha, a computational linguistics professor from the University of Amsterdam, created music through motor-produced guitars played without human intervention
Ruth WhiteThe ClockFlowers of EvilLimelight1969; Pittsburgh-born electronic music pioneer (the contributions of women in this field are innumerable) reading selections from Charles Baudelaire's "Les fleurs du mal"
Jose MauroTalismaObnoxiousFar Out Recordings2016 (orig. 1970); CD re-release of brooding MPB (a pretty uncharacteristic quality for Brazilian music at the time) by an artist who disappeared before the album was released*
Robin Guthrie & Harold BuddThe Memories ReturningMusic from the Film Mysterious SkinCommotion2005; ambient guitar & piano (as you could guess from the pair) from one of my favorite films, period
Roberto MusciWater MusicTower of SilenceMusic from Memory2016; ambient-tribal ditties from the 80s/90s/00s reissued in on one gleaming LP
The ResidentsThe Angry AngakokEskimoRalph Records1979
The Red Crayola with The Familiar UglyFree-Form Freak Out / Hurricane Fighter PlaneThe Parable of the Arable LandInternational Artists1967; the opening of their groundbreaking first album
Rig Veeda and the TwinsCreepSometimes / Virginia M.C / Creep (flexi split w/ The McTells)Bi-Joopiter, Flexi1986; came with the "Too Much Hanky Panky" fanzine
RexyFunky ButtRunning Out of TimeAlien Records1981 (reissued 2016 by Lucky Number & URU); this album is magnificent. a fusion of the best qualities from the French & British undergrounds of the time
The Reflections4 Countries4 CountriesCherry Red1982 7"; Mark Burns (Alternative TV, The Good Missionaries), Karl Blake (Alternative TV, Lemon Kittens), Mark Perry (Alternative TV, The Door and the Window, The Good Missionaries), Nag (Alternative TV, The Door and the Window, The 49 Americans), and Paul Platypus (Doof, Exhibit A, Twelve Cubic Feet)
Rowland S. Howard / Lydia LunchSome Velvet MorningSome Velvet Morning4AD1982 7"
Razen + Sheldon SiegelRazend ZandRazen + Sheldon Siegel(K-RAA-K)ł2010; Belgian free jazz/tribal/folk fusion
Rose McDowallTibetCut with the Cake KnifeBad Fairy Productions2004; solo album of one half of Strawberry Switchblad. McDowall also contributed backing vocals on many Coil, Current 93, Death in June, Felt, Nurse with Wound, Psychic TV and Boyd Rice albums
Red AsphaltGoodbye SunshineUnReleasedEgg and Anvil2008; San Francisco Deaf Club-scene band that released one 7" in 1981.
Les Rallizes DenudesNight of the AssassinsTachikawa, 12th March 1977(an italian bootleg...shhh...)2015 (orig. 1977); Takashi Mizutani-fronted noise rock legends. Btw this baseline was totally copied by Dirty Beaches on "A Hundred Highways": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpuVRkJGZho
Red BaluneAnimusMaximum PenaltyMCCB1979 (7")
Rev. Louis OverstreetWorking on the BuildingHis Guitar, His Four Sons, and the Congregation of St. Luke Powerhouse Church of God in ChristArchoolie1963 (reissued 2009 by Mississippi Records)
Roscoe and Ethel HolcombI Wish I Were a Single Girl AgainMountain Music of KentuckyFolkways Records1960; also included on the soundtrack of the film Zabriskie Point