with Chaotic Neutral

Sub Show!

Saturday, February 18, 2017
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
godspeed! you black emperor static lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven
half japanese t is for texas potatoes: a collection of folk songs ralph records
mighty mighty bosstones cowboy coffee more noise and other disturbances
the insyderz the hunted motor city ska
less than jake the science of selling yourself short less than jake
reel big fish take on me (a-ha cover) BASEketball
taking back sunday you're so last summer tell all your friends
lite else cubic topshelf *
vasudeva doner no clearance skeletal lightning *
heart throbs bright green day jubilee twist
hefner lee remick boxing hefner too pure records
pram in dreams you too can fly the stars are so big the earth is so small... stay as you are too pure
slint don, aman spiderland touch and go
the world is a beautiful place & i am no longer afraid to die rage against the dying of the light harmlessness skeletal lightning
slaughter beach, dog drinks welcome lame-o *
psychic twin heart divided strange diary polyvinyl *
lazy salon remirror invisible like peace s/r *
blagga katydids and crickets the songs of insects cornell university records
sam skinner letter 2 danny through junior soft speak *
sleater-kinney price tag (live) live in paris sub pop *
surfer blood matter of time snowdonia joyful noise *
son, ambulance juliet's son someone else's deja vu
the getup kids fall semester four minute mile
motorama by your side dialogues talitres *
gross ghost tryin public housing odessa
pram milky the stars are so big the earth is so small... stay as you are too pure