with Bobby

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
01:00 to 03:00
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aretha franklinwas ees // see saw30 greatest hitsatlantic
cLOUDDEADside bdead dogs twomushi played this at 33 and then switched to 45 (apparently the correct speed) but i dug 33 better, caller agreed!
boys choir of harlempowerthe sound of hopeatlantic
foomwhunsurface noise and imperfectionsno fidelity
gabriel garcia marquezpages 1 through 9one hundred years of solitudeits a book sillyalso there was some wood chopping noise
fucked up w tanya tagaqour own bloodour own bloods/r
weyes bloodused to befront row seat to earthmexican summer*
flesh frogladys/tshovel-tusker*
naka, takuji, timolivetrack 1the new attractiveem*