These Vibes Are Too Cosmic

with Brian & Stevie

The Conniving Tree Show

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
18:00 to 20:00
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Jeff SnyderTVR2C ThemeSingleS/R2016, Maine

Show Intro
Max RoachDriva ManWe Insist! Freedom Now SuiteCandid1960, New York (re-released 2017)*

Science Events
Balkan Beat BoxIntro (Taste of Where I'm From)GiveNat Geo2012, New York

Science News: Mirzakhani, Nepalese Leopards, Carnivore Plants
The English BeatRanking Full StopI Just Can't Stop ItSire1980, Birmingham, UK
MoonflowersGroovepower BigGrooveflowerPop God1993, Bristol, UK
Don MuroHit TuneSouffrances et Extases de Jeune AmourFlannelgraph1977 (re-released 2014)

Interview w/ Kaz Uyehara, Pt. 1: Trees Are Predators
Surfer BloodSnowdoniaSnowdoniaJoyful Noise2017, Florida*

Interview w/ Kaz Uyehara, Pt. 2: Game Theory and Flammability

Concert Calendar!
Annie AnxietyTo Know EvilSoul PossessionDAIS1984 (re-released 2017)*

Interview w/ Kaz Uyehara, Pt. 3: Plant Decisions and Botanically Reasonable Models
Dennis GonzalezOverturned!The Earth and the HeartKonnex1991, Berlin