Learn Your ABC's

with Deirdre Dionysiac

To Give Something, or to Create Something for Ourselves

Monday, February 13, 2017
14:00 to 17:00
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Picky PicnicGo ShoppingPicnic LandPanic1982; duo of Kaoru Todoroki and Yuji Asaka on a cassette release of 150 copies
Poison GirlsPiano LessonsViolence Grows (split w/ 'Fatal' Microbes)Small Wonder, Xntrix1979; single from the recently passed godmother of anarcho-punk, Vi Subversa, sharing the release with her teenage children, who at ages 12 and 14 formed 'Fatal' Microbes
Pink SectionFrancine's ListPink SectionModern Records1980; San Francisco-based art punkers formed with members of Inflatable Boy Clams and Survival Research Laboratories
PtoseEat Your FishIgnobles LimacesAyaa1984; colorful minimal group from Niort, France
PyrolatorBacano, Brothercito!AuslandAta Tak1981; synth-pop project of Kurt Dahlke, also the label-head of Ata Tak. Dahlke produced multiple of Picky Picnic's albums and the pair has also contributed to Dahlke's 1987 "Traumland" album, as you can hear here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUma7Fahnj4
Philip GlassAnge des oragesNorth StarVirgin1977; certainly a good representation of the airier and fluffier side of Glass' work
Pat PrillyIndicatif spatial ("Spacial Jingle")Sonosyntheses electroniques ("Moog Sensations")Editions Montparnasse 20001971; an album of short moog ideas originally credited to the late Jean-Jacques Perrey, but later given over to Prilly, his daughter, who did not compose but dictated the ideas behind these pieces
Pastor T. L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ ChoirLike a ShipLike a Ship... (Without a Sail)Light in the Attic2017 (orig. 1971); great reissue and repress out last month of an overlooked gospel classic by an artist known better in his home of Chicago for his presence as an activist and pastor
Les PapyvoresLe psychedelique badgeLe papyvorePolydor1967; criminally overlooked French psych-rock 7" off Polydor
P-ModelWhite CigarettesIn a Model RoomWarner Bros. (yuck)1979; high-profile post-punk group out of Japan
Pascal ComeladeSardana mecanicaEl pianista del antifazBecause Music2013; highly active French-catalan musician with an affinity for the toy piano and singing saw
Papaya ParanoiaDemon Favorite Animal Print (and other poems by google translate...)No Longer So FarCaptain1985; dadaist duo that hasn't seen a release outside Japan
Pete Brown & Piblokto!If They Could See Me Now (Part 1)Thousands on a RaftHarvest, EMI1970; adventurous prog rock band formed by ex-Cream lyricist Pete Brown
Piero UmilianiCaretera PanamericanaTo-Day's SoundLiuto1973; space-age Italian jazz-funk by a film score composer, famous for a song "Mah Na Mah Na" that was performed on the Muppet Show in 1977
Philip Cohran & the Artistic Heritage EnsembleMinstrelOn the BeachZulu1967; a marriage of African polyrhythm, funk and jazz by a former Sun Ra trumpeter who helped to create the AACM in Chicago which helped spawn jazz artists such as Anthony Braxton, Leo Smith and the Art Ensemble of Chicago
VasudevaIn Lieu of YouthLife in CyclesPirate Ship2013 R
PaavoharjuTuoksu tarttuu meihinLaulu laakson kukistaFonal2008; seriously enthralling orchestral/folk/ambient tape project by a group from Finland that takes inspiration from bollywood music and church hymns
Peter CusackBaikal Ice Flow Split 1Baikal Ice (Spring 2003)ReR Megacorp2004; field recordings of the Baikal Ice region in Siberia
Piano MagicSnow Drums (excerpt)Low Birth WeightRocket Girl1999
Paul LanskySix Fantasies on a Poem by Thomas Campion, Pt. 1: Her VoiceComputer Directions (with James Dashow and George Shirley)Composers Recordings Inc1982; realized at the Winham Laboratory and Computer Center at Princeton University
Popol VuhAh!Hosianna MantraWah Wah2013 reissue (orig. 1972); perhaps my favorite album to come out of the more unstructured and ambient-leaning side of krautrock
Pierre HenryDanse du jeune hommeLa reine verteUnidisc1965; created for the Maurice Bejart spectacle in Paris at the Theatre Hebertot on 11 October 1963
Plunderphonics (as "Dally Proton")Pretender69 Plunderphonics 96Seeland, fony2001; a project by John Oswald, director of the Toronto "Mystery Laboratory", where he opens up a dialogue about the ethics of sampling in music through his experimentally-tinged appropriations of pop idols and others, in this case extracting the underlying loneliness of Dolly Parton's song
Philip PerkinsRadio MusicVirgo Ramayana (And Other Works for Radio)Fun Music1992 cassette; an interpretation of John Cage's 1956 composition "Radio Music", a chance operations composition which instructs radioplay programming on 56 frequencies by 1-8 performers,
Pan Sonic . Haino KeijiIf i could incarnate this feeling you would consider it a creationIn the StudioBlast First Petite2010; "synergy between mercy and self-annihilation overturned"
PrismCorp Virtual EnterprisesSnap Pet CafeClearSkiesBeer on the Rug2013 cassette; Portland-based vaporwave artist Ramona Andra Xavier
P'oBack to BackWhilst Climbing Thieves Vie for AttentionCourt1983; post-Wire project of Bruce Gilbert, Angela Conway (aka AC Marias), Graham Lewis, David Tidball and Peter Price
Pop Dell'ArteRio LineFree PopAma Romanta1987; Portugese indie/experimental band of Joao Peste
Philippe Doray / Les Associaux AssociesQue dit le chef?Nouveaux Modes IndustrielsInvisible, SCOPA1980; French poet, singer and experimentalist with his highly original funky industrial lp
P16.D4He's Afraid of the Way the Glass Will Fall - Soon - It Will Be a Spectacle: The Fall of a Crystal Palace. But Coming Down in Total Blackout, Without One Glint of Light, Only Great Invisible CrashingKuhe in 1/2 TrauerSelektion1984; German industrial greats, apparently named after a section of Thomas Pynchon's novel "Gravity's Rainbow"
The NervesHanging on the TelephoneThe NervesThe Nerves1976; Blondie cover R
Primitive CalculatorsShoutPrimitive Calculatorsself-released1982; live cut from an Australian punk-tinged band from the suburbs of Melbourne
Pekka AiraksinenRatnasikhinBuddhas of Golden LightO Records1984; virtuosic Finnish electronic musician originally of the band Sperm, who dedicated each of his compositions to one of the thousand buddhas
ParafOdlazakZastaveHelidon1984; Yugoslavian darkwave
Wye OakMother----2011, Glenn Danzig cover R
Poison GirlsOld Tart's SongHexSmall Wonder, Xntrix1979; see above for the semi-bio. this album represents anarcho-punk at its most playful, and deserves a new audience
The PetticoatsNormalNormalBla-Bla-Bla1980; one-off british punk single
PulsallamaThe Devil Lives in My Husband's BodyUngawa Pt. II (Way Out Guiana) / The Devil Lives in My Husband's BodyY Records1982; legendary all-girl seven piece bass and percussion band with a great sense of humor, described as "13 girls fighting over a cowbell"
PonytailCelebrate the Body Electric (It Came from an Angel)Ice Cream SpiritualWe Are Free2008; noisy New York band with their magnum opus, the cover artwork done by Yamantaka Eye (man behind the next song)
DJ Pica Pica PicaSuns of Arqa, Astralasia - Sul-E-Stomp (Ceilioh Mix)Planetary Natural Love Gas Webbin' 199999Comma1999; another incredible side project by Yamantaka Eye. check out these videos of him playing toy instruments, burning records on the stovetop and screaming in the tub: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyi-TtV2_a8 & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQCEL5kLv8I