with NICKY

big blasting for emotions, politics, feminism, anti injustice, and all other blasting

Saturday, February 11, 2017
22:00 to 01:00
big blasting
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Artist Song Album Label
Oathbreaker 10:56 / Second Son of R. Rheia deathwish
Deafheaven Brought to the Water New Bermuda
Liturgy Quetzalcoatl The Ark Work Thrill Jockey
Pelican March Into the Ocean March Into the Ocean
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Piss Crowns Are Trebled Asunder, Sweet & Other Distress
Zeena Parkins Peephole Nightmare Alley
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Baby Elephant Walk Music for Pets 7"
Dead Meadow Good Moanin' Shivering King and Others
Panda Riot Black Pyramids Northern Automatic Music
Young Marble Giants Wurlitzer Jukebox Colossal Youth
Liz Phair Strange Loop Exile in Guyville
Luna Tiger Lily Bewitched
Guided By Voices Gonna Never Have to Die Half Smiles of the Decomposed
Edison Fivek 7"
Christie Front Drive Valentine split 10" with Boys Life
Oxford Collapse Loser City Remember the Night Parties
Haymarket Riot Bought Your Weight Bloodshot Eyes
Tar Time to Strike Over and Out
Policy of 3 Shelf s/t 7"
The Orphans Wanting it All Everybody Loves You When You're Dead
Death Politicians in my Eyes For the whole world to see
Cryin' Out Louds Bloodhound 7"
The Bags Survive All Bagged Up
The Embarrassment Sex Drive 7"
Reading Rainbow Over It s/t 7"
YDI Mad at the World Out for Blood
Pressgang revolt(ed) self destroyed ep
Christopher Robin Brother 7" repercussion
Spent Flesh Spent Flesh s/t 10"
Initiate No Cost Demo
Venom Live at City Gardens Live at City Gardens Ecstatic Peace