in the hobbit hole

with zenala

Friday, February 10, 2017
08:00 to 10:30

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Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
Label Comments Recently
Anis Fuleihan Concerto for Theremin New York Philharmonic Orchestra Leopold Stokowski Clara Rockmore, theremin
Live Improvisation La Fine Del Costruttore D'Imagini n/a n/a Daniele Camarda, tenor bass; Francesco Guaiana - Guitar can be heard here:
Sheila Silver String Quartet (1975) Atlantic String Quartet n/a n/a CRI
Josiah Steinbrick BANANA B BANANA Leaving Recods can be heard here:
Gwyn Conger The Wind Frances Archer and Beverly Gile From "A Child's Garden of Verses", a Disneyland Record
Mary Howe Three Pieces After Emily Dickinson Werner Lywen, George Steiner, violino Norman Lamb, viola John Martin, violoncello Members of The Chamber Arts Society of the Catholic University of America:
Devin Maxwell Chester, NJ Ostravska Banda Ondrej Vrabecej Infrequent Seams
lyrics by Her Royal Highness Princess Maba Chakri Pleng Ok Thalay Thao (Heart of the Sea) Mahori Smithsonian Folkways Royal Court Music of Thailand
Roger Boourland Three Magical Places (1979) Susan Allen Arch
Alexandra Gardner Electric Blue Pantsuit Jennifer Choi, violin on violectronica
takuji naka/tim olive Moths imprisoned in snare drum struggle as ER docs in surgical masks consult ina futile attempt to extricate them Takui Naka -tapes, spring reverb, Tim Olive - magnetic pickups EM on the New Attractive *
Luke Howard & Nadje Noordhuis Oversky Luke Howard, piano, Nadji Noordhuis, trumpet on Ten Sails