Learn Your ABC's

with Deirdre Dionysiac

Monday, February 6, 2017
14:00 to 17:00
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Oren AmbarchiHubris, Pt. 3HubrisEditions Mego2016; Australian career avant-gardeist and master collaborator, working on this record with a high-profile roster including Arto Lindsay, Jim O'Rourke, and Keith Fullerton Whitman. The composition nonetheless retains a knife-like unilateral focus.
Oidupaa Vladimir OiunHow the Shadow Is ClearDivine Music from a JailFriends1999; a Manson-esque figure who spent 33 years in a Russian prison (whether his conviction was just is uncertain), before becoming a beloved Tuvan singer
Occult ChemistryEarthOccult ChemistryDining Out, Z-I-P1980; one-off UK DIY outfit who have been dug up by the Messthetics team
Omar KhorshidWadil Muluk (Valley of Kings)Guitar El CharkSublime Frequencies2010 (orig. mid 1970s); incredible Egyptian guitarist and film star, tragically killed in a car accident in 1981. This reissue of his material comes from the label of Rick Bishop of Sun City Girls
Orange JuiceFalling and LaughingYou Can't Hide Your Love ForeverPolydor1982; Glasgow band headed by the infectious Edwyn Collins; part of the original wave of Indie Rock as we know it.
Os MutantesPanis et CircensisOs MutantesPolydor1968; Psych rock and Tropicalia trio from Brazil
Orquesta de las NubesUn Diente En Mi BosilloManual Del Usario ("Owner's Manual")Grabaciones Accidentales1987; Nearly unclassifiable (is it new age? jazz? do we care?) Spanish band of Suso Saiz, who recently saw a release by Music With Memory. This record, however, was released only in Spain and Mexico.
The OrchidsAn Ill Wind That BlowsAn Ill Wind That BlowsCaff Corporation1990; somewhat obscure 7" by the Glasgow band who saw a string of (sometimes pleasantly, sometimes less so) sappy releases on Sarah Records
OfftheskyWhittling You Little LightsThe Beautiful Nowherehibernate2011; acoustic-ambient project of Jason Corder
Orphan FairytaleUntitled #4Seahorse SoupBeniffer Editions2007; wonderfully weird and magical abstract electronic solo project of Belgian artist Eva Van Deuren
OdettaSometimes I Feel Like a Motherless ChildThe Essential OdettaVanguard1973; American singer, guitarist and human rights activist integral to the revival of American folk in the 50s and 60s
Ox BowDaughterKing of the JewsCFY Records1991; San Francisco experimental rock band fronted by Eugene Robinson
OvalShop in Store94diskont.Thrill Jockey1995; German minimal/glitch trio
Otto Luening & Vladimir UssachevskyTape Recorder Music (excerpt)Tape Recorder MusicGene Bruck Enterprises Inc.1955; co-founders of the famous Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, this record oft-considered one of the very first "electronic" albums (they are tape works, so it'll depend on your stake in the claim to electronic music)
Orchestre Regional de MoptiAmbodejo????1969; musical collective from Mopti, a town in the Inner Delta Region of Mali, which was part of a trend in the 1960s and 70s in which various African governments commissioned musical projects to promote specific African cultures and emblematize their unification, in effect becoming the voice of the state. There are many of these groups, which are usually named "Orchestre National/Regional de ____" (the area), and some of them have been reissued recently by Mississippi Records, and perhaps others.
Oppenheimer AnalysisDon't Be Seen with MeNew MexicoMinimal Wave2016 (orig. 1982); synthwave project of Andie Oppenheimer, the british musicians an atomic weapons expert with the defense department of the UK (what a mix!)
The OrbLittle Fluffy CloudsThe Orb's Adventures Beyond the UltraworldBig Life1991; iconic UK techno/IDM band who were surely key in the development of that 90s techno sound with which we all have a love-hate relationship
Ora ClementiCover You Will Softer Me (excerpt)Cover You Will Softer MePenultimate Press2014; duo of Crys Cole & James Rushford, who propose "an investigation into liminal performance states in an interpersonal context," focusing on text and speech as preconscious processes
Omar SouleymanSalamat Galbi Bidek (My Heart Is in Your Hands)Leh JaniSham Palace2011; Syrian farmer, wedding singer, and Dabke artist who spreads peace, joy, and positive cultural exchange globally for years, and has performed in the US sixteen times in the past seven years, something he may no longer be able to do. WPRB stands with the rights of artists such as Omar to do what they love and contribute to our world, though they are now banned from doing so in the US along racial lines
Officer!ApplyOfficer!Ayaa1984; multi-national avant-garde and DIY project, the most well-known member perhaps being Mick Hobbs of Half Japanese, which released this wonderful, at times pirate-themed album
OrthrelmAonkrit Iom-Spear2nd 18/O4 Norildivoth Crallos-Lomrixth UrthilnThree One G2002; duo of Mick Barr and Josh Blair which toes the line between noise rock and heavy metal
OrbitalBelfastOrbitalFFRR1991; a follow up to the Orb in that early 90s british techno sphere we love... R
Overhang PartyNow Come OutTokyo Flashback 2 - P.S.F Psychedelic SamplerP.S.F. Records1992; Japanese psych rock band in the tradition of Les Rallizes Denudes, albeit a little less sadistic. This comp. is something of a who's who of underground Japanese music in the early 90s
Les OlivensteinsLa Nuit TragiqueLes OlivensteinsBorn Bad2011 (orig. ~1979); French punk reissued by the contemporary authority on French punk
Okkyung Lee, C. Spencer Yeh, Lasse MarhaugThe Mermaids of Extended TechniqueWake Up AwesomeSoftware2013; some of the most intense cello-produced sounds you'll ever hear
Oby OnyiohaI Want to Feel Your LoveI Want to Feel Your LoveTime1981 (reissued in Austria in 2016); soul/funk/disco/boogie artist from Nigeria
OOIOOJackson's Club 'Sunspot'Feather FloatPolystar, Trattoria, Shock City1999; Japanese all-female experimental band fronted by Yoshimi P-We, the supremely cool drummer of Boredoms (and yes, the same Yoshimi that Wayne Coyne was crooning about)
Os Mulheres NegrasMaoscoloridaOutro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music from Brazil, 1978-1992Music with Memory2017 (orig. 1988); fusion band released on a sexy new compilation of Brazilian music by Music with Memory
OrganumLamentationsVeil of TearsMatchless Recordings1994; long-running solo project of David Jackman, the sound sometimes lovingly described (at least by me) as "zen industrial"
The OutsidersMisfitC.Q.Polydor1968; awesome garage & psych rock album that I just stumbled upon by this Dutch band. Also check out the track "Prisonsong" if interested
--------Other bands to check out: .O.Rang; Opal; Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark; The Olivia Tremor Control; Ondatropica; Oneohtrix Point Never; Observers Observing Observables; Orchestre Rail-Band de Bamako; Out Hud; Ojeda Penn; Ora; Orchestre Murphy; Obeid Al Ju'maa; Organisation; Opera de Nuit; Oneida