don't back the front

with dana k

look blue go purplesafety in crosswordsbewitched EP
the wedding presentonce more7"
high llamasrotary hopbeet, maize, and corn
the proper ornamentscremated (blown away)foxhole*
the dentistschainsaw the horsedown and out in paris and chatham
ffa coffi pawbvaliumam bythpre super furry animals
laughnever had it so bad7"
the roomthings have learnt to walk that ought to crawlno dream
sea urchinscling filmstardust
edith nylonavortonS/T
stereo totalich weiss nicht mehr genaumusique automatique
electrelanei want to be the presidenti want to be the president EP
el 7endless sea7"
manicured noisefaith (cassette version)northern stories
the hecksthawthe hecks
the english beatdrowning7"
the english beatbest friendi just can't stop it
the english beat too nice to talk towha'appen?
sunset gunbe thankful for what you've got7"1984 scottish cover of william devaughn
lloyd cole and the commotionsrattlesnakesrattlesnakes
even as we speakbizarre love trianglenothing ever happensnew order cover on sarah records
miaowdid she?when it all comes down
betty and the werewolvesshould i go to glasgow?tea time favourites
the liggerspretty girlsunzipping the abstracta part of the manchester musician's collective
the garbage and the flowerscarouseleyes rind as if beggars
annie anxietyto know evilsoul possession*
arnold lanebook of sand7"
carla dal fornowhat you gonna do now?you know what it's like*