with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
19:00 to 22:00
other shows

The RubThe Death Of PopBikini Gospel
The Karl Hendricks TrioI Think I Forgot Something...My PantsThe Jerks Win AgainRIP Karl Hendricks.
The Karl Hendricks TrioRomantic Stories From The WarSings About Misery & Women
Princess ReasonDead Flowers.mp3KH3 cover.
Thee Speaking CanariesTerrestrial / Famous No SpaceSongs For The Terrestrially Challenged (Lo-Fi Version)
The Karl Hendricks TrioThe ThrasherLive on WFMUNeil Young cover. 2012.
The Karl Hendricks TrioThe Men's Room At The AirportThe Adult Section
The Karl Hendricks TrioFoolish Words Of A Woman In LoveA Gesture Of Kindness
The Karl Hendricks TrioWhen Will The Goddamn Poor Wise Up?Declare Your Weapons
Thee Speaking CanariesAnekaThe Joy Of Wine
Karl HendricksThe Dress You Bought In ClevelandI Stayed Up All Night Listening To Records C
The Karl Hendricks TrioWhat Everyone Else Calls Fun45
Kind Of Like SpittingYou Poor Miserable FoolS/TKH3 cover.
The Karl Hendricks TrioCheckin' You OutDog So Large I Can Not See Past It C
The Karl Hendricks TrioAll That's LeftBuick Electra
Karl HendricksDreams, HaEcho Chamber Recordings
Karl HendricksBeergasmI Hate This Party
Thee Speaking CanariesAny Three DaysSongs For The Terrestrially Challenged (Hi-Fi Version)
Frank Boscoe & Karl HendricksSong For Tim & AlixThe Long Secret C
The Karl Hendricks TrioNew Wave SituationSurvive & Advance Vol. 3Alternate version. C
The Karl Hendricks Rock BandMediocre AdviceThe World Says
The Karl Hendricks TrioSome Girls Like CigarettesSome Girls Like Cigarettes 10"
The Karl Hendricks TrioOut On The Weekend45Neil Young cover.
SludgehammerDynamite Lady45
The Karl Hendricks TrioHow Can You Dance?For A While, It Was Funny
The Karl Hendricks TrioCatch The WindHooked On HobbitDonovan cover. Split 7" with Mothra.
EarhopperYour Lesbian Friends.mp3KH3 cover.
The Karl Hendricks TrioHold On, Cool BreezeThe Adult Section
The Karl Hendricks TrioDead FlowersBuick Electra
Karl HendricksSofter Than You've Ever Been Kissed.mp3Unknown origin.
SludgehammerStep On Me7"
The Karl Hendricks TrioBaseball Cards45
#EntertainmentSomewhere A Weekend Of Sin.mp3KH3 cover.
The Karl Hendricks Rock BandSay Hi To The Girls45
The Karl Hendricks TrioNaked & High On DrugsOld Enough To Know Better C
The Karl Hendricks TrioGet Out Your Hankies For This OneSings About Misery & Women