dana k

with don't sub the front

this heathealth and efficiencyhealth and efficiency EP1980
scritti polittidoubt beatearly1979/2005
23 skidooethics7"1981
sort sol with lydia lunchboy/girldagger and guitar1984
easter and the totemwe fadethe sum is greater than its parts1986/2015
the dancing didthe rhythm section sticks togetherand did those feet1982
department Sgoing left right7"1981
james chance and the contortionsthe flesh is weakthe flesh is weak2017*
wireshort elevated periodsilver/leadforthcoming 2017!
sad lovers and giantsimaginationepic garden music1982
restricted codefrom the top7"1980; one of two singles
brian enobackwaterbefore and after science1977
the fatima mansionsblues for ceaucescuviva dead ponies1990
fugaziKYEOsteady diet of nothing1991
the proletariatpicturessoma holiday1983/2016*
really redtoo political?teaching you the fear1981
the prefectsagony column...are amateur wankers2004
rudimentary penithe horrors in the museumcacophony1988
bAd bAdwasteS/T2016*
ama-dotshit girls7"1980
christiane f.wunderbargesundheit1982
king missilesensitive artistfluting on the hump1987
magnetic fieldsthe death of ferdinand de saussure69 love songs1999
the cannanespopulation ~2timonium split1998
the primitivesstop killing melovely1988
wirekidney bingosa bell is a cup...until it is struck1988R
young charlatansshiversinner city sound1981/2005