with Bobby

Sunday, January 29, 2017
13:00 to 15:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
camp cope song for charlie s/t poison city
wil wagner laika laika poison city
(person) (noun) in which i tackle the big stuff reconciliation big and small
paul baribeau never get to know s/t plan-it-x
defiance, ohio grandma song the great depression no idea
cyberbully mom club fight night champion amy locust whatever s/r
free cake for every creature talking quietly of anything with you talking quietly of anything with you double double whammy
infinity crush drowning here with all my friends warmth equation joy void
starry cat bye s/t s/r
julien baker funeral pyre single matador
dandelion hands i like you it's all in your head nicholas heck
mothers hold your own hand when you walk a long distance you are tired grand jury
lucy dacus dream state... no burden matador
slaughter beach, dog politics of grooming welcome lame-o *
weyes blood do you need my love front row seat to earth mexican *
half waif tactilian probable depths s/r
bellows bully fist & palm double double whammy
told slant tall cans hold hands going by double double whammy
spencer radcliffe mermaid looking in run for cover
ajj big bird knife man s/r
salvia plath i don't know anyone i am melanchole girl house
elvis depressedly pepsi / coke suicide holo pleasures / california dreamin' run for cover
into it. over it. the shaking of leaves intersection triple crown
laura stevenson the move wheel don giovanni
bright eyes poison oak i'm wide awake, it's morning saddle creek
right away, great captain blame the church of the good theif favorite gentleman