with Tim

sittin in

Saturday, January 28, 2017
22:00 to 00:00
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applesauce tears a winter sun for a summer placealpha driftblack cottage
mud honey where is the futureunder a billon sunssub pop
strfkrInterspacebeing noone going nowhere polyvinyl*
m83the wizardjunk mute*
goatublintureqiuemsub pop *
slaughter beach, dogjobswelciomelame o *
slaughter beach, dogessex streetwelcomelame o
venomchat live at city gardemsecstatic peace
birds of paradisebaby daughtersingle 45dusty medical
brother jthow do you do live on wprb live on wprb
samara lubelski the nice price wavelength destjil
samara lubelskiwavelength wavelength destjil
Purling Hissmercury retro gradewater on mars drag city
glazeramplified mind epamplified mindself released
husker du theme from mary tyler moorehusker du /
franklin fuentesmary tyler moore //
theme from mary tyler moorelove is all around //the story of life is quicker then the blink of an eye - now you watch your childhood idols die- never to comeback for all eternity - as you will also - signed overthinking late night dj is she hanging with abe Lincoln - mort sahl, nice nice all of the people in the same device - from the Chinese dentist to the british queen all caught in the same machine
fleeting joy kiss the girl with black lips //
meat beat manifesto audio collage 2//
steve martin you can be a millonairespecial radio edit radio comedy is not pretty warner
people like us trains and blackbirdsfree music archivesfree music archives
Jimi hendrix grandmother jimi hendrix grandmother speaks //
capt kirk ive got command //
quantum physicscollage //
mind fuzzminds expansion //
laurel and hardy got a match naturally high douglas
kate tempesttruth //
kumquattheres a struggle going on telepromtingtangy circus
pretty lightsvs radio lab vs nirvana//
sounds of outer space sounds of outer space flexi disc that came with a model kit 1968 /
richard burton to be or not to behamlet columbia
peope like us sacred urmfree music archivefree music archive
smother brother shangmanGolden hits vol 2mercury
circuit tree most addictivehelp yourself 2003 2005
andrew mackenzieLove From abbey roadmutation self released
the last poetsfunkholy terrorryko
smothers brothersi talk to trees golden hots vol 2 mercury
circuit tree emotional balancehelp yourself 2003-2005self released
andrew makenziefabtasiamutationself released - sacred cowboy production s
conception landyouth of america conception land and other states of mind Cotillion
illiumgreen/orangepaint by numberhefty records
judy tenutarepublican conventionbuy this pigselecktra
andrew mackenzieassault on peppermutaionsself released - sacred cowboy production s