with Bobby

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
foals the french open antidotes sub pop
voltage track 1 building the bass castle, vol. 1 flameshovel
tanner kojo 7" liquid meat
native cats ten years transportation 7" split w uv race ride the snake
third eye foundation stars are down 7" split w ks collective s/r
lizzy mercier descloux jim on the move press color ze jiiiiiiiiiiiiiim *
the mae shi run to your grave hlllyh team shi / moshi moshi
lync 2 feet in front remembering the fireballs (part 8) troubleman unlimited
weed meet me with ease running back lefse
the kyle sowashes irrelevant everybody anyway
bomb the music industry! 493 ruth get warmer quote unquote DOCUMENTARY SO GOOD
halogens olive garden pt. 2 s/t ep s/r
secret stuff i knew you so briefly, you dead soap dog this is fine spartan
lame drivers throw it to the moon chosen era jigsaw
touche amore new halloween stage four epitaph *
joyce manor eighteen cody epitaph *
slaughter beach, dog monsters welcome lame-o
the lookouts big green monsters spy rock road don giovanni
camp cope keep growing split w cayetana poison city
the taxpayers i love you like an alcoholic "god, forgive these bastards"... s/r
the new bad things no pass / no fail split clunker
natural child transcendental meditation okey dokey burger *
wilco hate it here sky blue sky nonesuch
hope sandoval & the warm inventions the peasant until this hunter tendril tales *
florist thank you the birds outside sang doube double whammy
luc things that block peaofthesea aagoo