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Sunday, January 8, 2017
01:00 to 03:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Picky Picnic Go Shopping Picnic Land Panic 1982
...and the Native Hipsters Mr. Magic There Goes Concorde Again... MRMusic 2001
The Anemic Boyfriends Guys Are Not Proud Guys Are Not Proud Red Sweater 1980
aPoloK Kupleraj (Brothel) Kondadiszko Baha Music 1998
Children's Ensemble "Ai La" Padishakhi Dabadebis Dghe (??) ?? ????
Dilemma Kill the President Dilemma Intoleranz! 1983
A.E. Bizottsag Putty-putty Kalandra Fel!! Gong 1995 (recorded 1982)
Anonymous Corporate Food Corporate Food / Snake Attack Flat 1980
The Blind Man Who Walked Past the Supermarket Jolly Green Giant Corn 08 Jolly Green Giant Corn (The First Can Off the Shelf) Year Zero 2015 (recorded 1978/80)
The Earth Hell Band Devil's Skull Witches on Holiday Outside 1986
Pekka Airaksinen Simha Other Power Harmonia 2012 (recorded btw 1976-85)
Webcore Exit the Fear Cinematography A Real Kavoom 1984
A-Moms Strawberry Cheesecake Strawberry Cheesecake Aftertaste 1979
5ive Ximes of Dust Punchcard Sex The Dadacomputer Vinyl-on-demand 2013 (originally released 1981 as "The Dadacomputer")
Wicked Witch Under Your Spell Under Your Spell EM 2016 (orig. early 80s) *
Wagner Guitar for the Stars 70s Floyd Lite Colossal Tapes 2016
The Shadow Ring You're Holding All Your Feathered Stock Wax-Work Echoes Corpus Hermeticum 1996
Tom Ellard These Are the Words 80s Cheesecake Dark Entries 2014 (recorded 1982)
Zeljko Janda Lazes Melita --- --- 1983, Yugoslavian TV series intro
Hands To Deceleration Rough Music: The Hands To Library Forced Nostalgia 2015 (song from 1988's "Catalogue of Abuse")