with Zenala

Friday, January 6, 2017
14:00 to 18:00

other shows

Artist Song Album Label New
Gil Scott-Heron Black History/The World Moving Target
So Percussion and Matmos Cross Treasure State *
La Femme Le Vide est ton nouveau Prenom Mystere disques point *
George J. Gaskin The Bassoon from Colombia Phonograph, courtesy of the UCSB cylinder audio archive
Juana Molina Eras Wed 21
Lucy Patane and Marina Fages AE El Poder Oculto
Moondogs When Sixten Wasn't So Sweet When Sixteen Wasn't So Sweet Mighty Mouth *
Black Marble Iron Lung It's Immaterial
RTFO Bandwagon Dumbs Will Survive Dums Will Survive
TV Girl Taking What's Not Yours Who Really Cares
Micah Blue Smaldone TATTERDEMALION STOMP Hither and Thither
Stark Folk What Are You Doing Here s/t
Sea Wolf Bavarian Porcelain Song Spells, No. 1: Cedarsmoke
Larkin Grimm The Most Excruciating Vibe The Last Tree
Comtessa de Dia, comp. Makemi, perf. A chanter m'er public domain
Anatolii Kuular Sigit with Igil TUVA: Voices from the center of Asia
The Boris Gardiner Happening feat. Leslie Butler Ghetto Funk Darker than Blue: Soul from Jamdown
Diana Ross The Boss Diana Extended: The Remixes
Nini Raviolette Suis-Je Normale Change The Beat: Celluloid Records Story 1979-1987, vol 2
Karlheinz Essl, comp. Phyllis Chen, perf. Whatever Shall Be Little Things
children playing game Dr. Knickerbocker /Tic Tac John's Island, South Carolina: Its People and Songs
Donna Hightower Tu Eres Mi Idolo Chicas! Spanish Female Singers vol 2 1963-1978
Lilly Bros and Don Stover John Hardy Bluegrass at the Roots, 1961
The Twin Atlas Over Easier Big Spring
oor peach to a peach oor 1.5
skating acid sun ultra blue
Meredith Monk Travelers 1,2,3, Book of Days
Moondog Symphonique #3 (Ode to Venus) Moondog
The Owls Peppermint Patty Daughters and Suns
75 Dollar Bill Beni Said Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock
Lisa Hannigan and Ray LaMontagne O Sleep Passenger
Uncle Woody Sullender and Seamus Cater The Edge of a Squall When we Get to Meeting
Jinseng genesis life.
spunk strom The very top of a blue-painted flagpole
clipping. long way away splendor & misery *
Looney Tunes What's Opera, Doc? That's All Folks
Esther Phillips Try Me The Best of 1962-1970
A. Halim and De'Fictions Kembali Lagi Pop Yeh Yeh
Pretty Things Defecting Grey Come See Me: The Very Best
Mike Pride 79 Beatdowns of Infinite Justice, the Birthing Days
Union High School Class President/Orchestra/Basketball and Wrestling Interviews Union 1965
Connie Converse Talkin' Like You So Sad, So Lonely
Pomegranates Sail (Away With Me) Everybody, Come Outside!
Matt MV Valentine Cocola's Ebonic Journey Glorious Group Therapy
Nathan Bowles Words Spoken Aloud Whole and Cloven *
Pearl Nye The House Carpenter/Scioto Mills courtesy of the library of congress