Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, December 30, 2016
22:00 to 03:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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D. Minozauntiltled IIIHinterlandsRed Angel Recordings22:00:00
Woods of BelialDesoateDemios XIIIFiredoom Music22:15:30
ZeitDurch Den Kosmischen WegProbing the DepthsHic Sunt Leones22:30:34
FescalWinter MorningTwo Winter PoemsDronarivm22:57:32
Eraldo Bernocchi, Harold Budd, Robin GuthrieStay With MeWinter GardenRareNoise Records
oophoiSpace Forest Part 1: Distant MonasteryStatic Soundscapes: Three Lights at the End of the WorldHic Sunt Leones
AglaiaLatitudineLatitudeHic Sunt Leones
Nate YoungBeneath the MistBlinding ConfusionNNA Tapes23:17:18
Sverre Knut JohansenAwakingingEarth from AboveSpotted Peccary23:22:27
KosmonautLumbar PunctureMater GeneratorA Giant Fern23:38:26
Spice BaronsAccidentia in MoonlightFuture Perfect StateSilent23:35:08
Brannon LaneSubmerge Part 12Submerge Ambient Circle Music23:41:32
Suzanne CianiConcert at Phil Niblock's LoftBuchla Concerts 1975Finders Keepers Records 23:46:46
CsillagkodOnly MatterAll the TimeSpotted Peccary00:07:47
Harold Budd & Clive WrightForever Hold My BreathA Song for Lost BlossomsDarla Records00:16:53
Marconi UnionAkihabara (electric town)TokyoBineMusic00:25:09
Ian BoddyShrineAs Above So BelowDiN00:32:22
Yves De MayEye SpliceMetricsOpal Tapes00:48:48
ArcheObservationFirst CausePsychonavigation Records00:54:10
Chuck van Zyl and Pete GulchSector Zero Zero OneRegeneration ModeSynkronos Music01:03:28
Mathias GrassowTruth InsightThe Lanzarote ConcertNO-CD Rekords
ObsilDrawing a FaceVincinoPsychonavigation Records01:51:18
Giulio AldinucciIntermittent Music Box (Ghost and Tape Remix)AerDronarivm01:54:20
PsychomanteumInward EyesOneironautCyclic Law02:00:26
Tangerine DreamLive in Hamburg 1978Live in Hamburg 1978Not released02:12:54