The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 253: Thank You Alphonse Mouzon

Friday, December 30, 2016
09:30 to 11:30
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
antonin dvorak slavonic dance (op. 72) #1 in b major . vanguard everyman classics 1965 mario rossi conducting the vienna state opera orchestra
weather report seventh arrow weather report columbia 1971 thank you alphonse mouzon
wayne shorter wind odyssey of iska blue note 1970
alphonse mouzon space invaders/do i have to?/the next time we love by all means pausa 1981
alphonze mouzon macrobian the essence of mystery blue note 1972
alphonse mouzon snake walk the man incognito blue note 1975
istvan marta/kronos quartet doom. a sigh black angels elektra 1990
dysrhythmia the veil of control the veil of control profound lore 2016
bomberi willoho warri burkina faso: volume 2 sublime frequencies 201?/2016 C
rangda to melt the moon the heretic's bargain drag city 2016
meridian brothers vertigo los suicidas soundway 2015
stereolab the flower called nowhere dots and loops duophonic/elektra 1997
dungen c visar vagen tio bitar subliminal sounds/kemado 2007
deerhoof spirit ditties of no tone the runners four kill rock stars/5rc 2005
lush lovelife split 4ad/reprise 1994
john mayall catch that train the blues alone ace of clubs/london 1967
daphne oram snow oramics paradigm 1963/2007 C
the dirty three i offered it up to the stars & the night sky whatever you love, you are drag city 2000
dungen mon amour tio bitar subliminal sounds/kemado 2007