Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, December 23, 2016
22:00 to 03:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Giulio Aldinucci Filo Di Voce Aer Dronarivm 22:00:00
Arche Entities First Cause Psychonavigation Records 22:10:20
Dronny Darko Forbidden Wisdom Spira Igneus Cryo Chamber 22:21:17
Galati Godhavn III Godhavn Psychonavigation Records 22:31:20
Obsil Lenti Silenzi Vicino Psychonavigation Records 22:40:02
Karol Gwozdz Sumnyna Tamte Czasy Psychonavigation Records 22:45:56
Enmarta Temple of Abandon The Hermit Cryo Chamber 22:50:23
Forth Dimension Synthetic Cognitive Process The Core Synphaera Records 22:58:32
Pjusk & Sleep Orchestra Vansunbarth Drowning in the Sky Dronarivm 23:06:57
Lorenzo Mantana Quantic Rajah Eilatix Psychonavigation Records 23:15:17
Sense 2 Songs Selected Moments Volume 1 Psychonavigation Records 23:23:20
Circular Ruins Polarkreis North of the Sun Portals Editions 23:34:53
Porya Hatami Pomegranates Phone to Logos Audiobulb Records 23:38:07
No UFO's Freeze ~ Drift Soft Coast Spectrum Spools 23:45:30
Robert Crouch Firehouse 1 An Occupied Space Dragon's Eye Recordings 23:49:50
Chuck van Zyl Outwatched by Stars Part 1 Recitals Synkronos Music 00:00:00
Chuck van Zyl Outwatched by Stars Part 2 Recitals Synkronos Music 00:28:20
Chuck van Zyl Outwatched by Stars Part 3 Recitals Synkronos Music
B. Ashra Two Moons Open the Door Separated Beats/ Klangwirkstoff Records 01:13:33
Ishq Epsilon In A Rainbow Air Virtual 01:19:26
Rapoon Broken Eagle Broken Sunset To West and Blue Zoharum 01:33:33
Grove of Whispers Wednesday Afternoon Wednesday Afternoon Self Release 01:40:21
Grove of Whistpers Black Sails Black Sails Self Release 02:02:10