The Sprawl: The Friday Morning Annex

with Mickey

Episode 251: HBFZ2

Friday, December 23, 2016
09:30 to 11:30
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frank zappait must be a camelhot ratsbizarre1969
frank zappa & ensemble moderndog breath variations/uncle meat (ilve)the yellow sharkbarking pumpkin1992/1993
edgar vareseoctandre (excerpt).columbia masterworks1960 robert craft, conducting
edgar varese/the mothers of inventionoctandre (live)road tapes, venue #1vaulternative1968/2012
the mothers of inventionhelp, i'm a rock/transylvania boogie (live)ahead of their timebarking pumpkin1968/1993
frank zappablessed reliefjoe's domagevaulternative1972/2004 C
frank zappabig swifty (excerpt)waka/jawakabizarre1972
frank zappafilthy habitssleep dirtdiscreet1976/1979
the motherscletus awreetus-awrightus/eat that questionthe grand wazoobizarre1972
the mothers of inventionking kong (excerpt) (live)road tapes, venue #1vaulternative1968/2012
the mothers of inventionking kong (live)ahead of their timebarking pumpkin1968/1993
the mothers of inventioncharles ives (live)you can't do that on stage anymore, vol. 5ryko1969/1992 C
charles ivesdecembermusic for choruscolumbia masterworks1966 gregg smith, conducting
the mothers of inventiondidja get any onya? (extended version)weasels ripped my fleshryko1969/1990
frank zappa & the mothersvillage of the sun/echidna's arf (of you)roxy & elsewherediscreet1974
the mothers of inventiona pound for a brown (live)ahead of their timebarking pumpkin1968/1993
anton weberntwo songs (op. 19).coumbia masterworks1978 pierre boulez, conducting
the mothers of inventionholiday in berlin, full-blownburnt weeny sandwichbizarre196?/1970
frank zappa & ensemble modernfood gathering in post-industrial america, 1992/welcome to the united statesthe yellow sharkbarking pumpkin1992/1993 hilary sturt & hermann kretzschmar, narration
the mothers of inventionsleeping in a jar/let's make the water turn black/harry, you're a beast/the orange county lumber truck (part 1) (live)ahead of their timebarking pumpkin1968/1993
igor stravinskyfanfare for two trumpetsrecent stravinskycolumbia masterworks1967 mixed in with above; robert heinrich & robert e. nagel, trumpets
the mothers of inventionoh no/the orange county lumber truck/weasels ripped my fleshweasels ripped my fleshbizarre196?/1970
frank zappalittle umbrellashot ratsbizarre1969/1987 (remix)
frank zapparegyptian strutsleep dirtdiscreet197?/1979