The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 250: Happy Birthday Frank Zappa

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
22:00 to 02:00
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frank zappa & the mothersexercise #4/dog breath/the dog breath variations/uncle meat/rdnzl (live)road tapes, venue #2vaulternative1973/2013 show 1
the mothers of inventionexcercise 4 variantmeat lightzappa196?/2016 C
the mothers of inventionuncle meat (live)meat lightzappa1969/2016 C
the mothers of inventiondog breath (instrumental)meat lightzappa196?/2016 C
the mothers of inventionwho needs the peace corps? (instrumental)lumpy moneyzappa1967/1968 C
frank zappaenergy frontier (down in de dew) (take 4)the crux of the biscuitzappa1972/2016 C
the mothers of inventionwho are the brain police? (basic tracks)the mofo project/objectzappa1966/2006 C
frank zappasofa (live)zappa in new yorkdiscreet1976/1978
frank zapparat tomago (live)sheik yerboutizappa1978/1979
frank zappablessed relief/big swifty/the new brown clouds (excerpt)joe's domagevaulternative1972/2004 C
frank zappa & the mothersbig swifty (live)you can't do that on stage anymore, vol. 1ryko1973/1988 C
frank zappaphyniox (take 1)joe's camouflagevaulternative1975/2012 C
frank zappa & the mothers"carved in the rock"/inca roads (live)roxy by proxyzappa1973/2014
frank zappa & ensemble modernt'mershi duweeneverything is healing nicelyumrk1991/(12/21)1999
frank zappat'mershi duween/reeny rajoe's camouflagevaulternative1975/2012 C
frank zappa & the grand wazoopenis dimension/variant I processional march (regyptian strut) (live)wazoovaulternative1972/2007
the mothers of inventionshortly (holiday in berlin) (live)road tapes, venue #1vaulternative1968/2012
frank zappaparoxysmal splendor (live)chicago '78vaulternative/zappa1978/2016
frank zappa & the mothers w/ captain beefheartthe torture never stops, original version (live)you can't do that on stage anymore, vol. 4ryko1975/1991 C
the mothersking kong (live)road tapes, venue #3vaulternative1970/2016 show 1
the mothers of inventionhelp, i'm a rock/transylvania boogie (live)ahead of their timebarking pumpkin1968/1993
the mothersit can't happen here (live)road tapes, venue #3vaulternative1970/2016 show 1
frank zappa & ensemble moderna pound for a brown/exercise #4 (live)the yellow sharkbarking pumpkin1992/1993
frank zappa & the mothershow could i be such a fool?/i ain't got no heart/i'm not satisfied (live)fz:ozvaulternative1976/2002
the mothers of inventioni'm not satisfiedcruising with ruben and the jetsverve1968
frank zappa & the petit wazoorollo suite (rollo/the rollo interior area/rollo goes out) (live)little dotszappa1972/2016
the mothersyou didn't try to call me (live)disconnected synapsesfoo-eee./rhino1970/1992
frank zappamousie's first xmas/the uncle frankie show (excerpt)joe's xmasagevaulternative196?/2005 C
the mothers of inventionlonely little girl (original composition - take 24)lumpy moneyzappa1967/2008 C
the mothersmom & dad (live)playground psychoticsbarking pumpkin1971/1992 C
frank zappa & the mothersbrown shoes don't make it (live)road tapes, venue #2vaulternative1973/2013 show 1
frank zappa & the petit wazoocosmik debris (live)little dotszappa1972/2016
frank zappastrictly genteel (live)chicago '78vaulternative/zappa1978/2016