with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, May 18, 2005
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini GospelThe theme song you know and love.

Concert calendar time.
Restricted HoursGetting Things DoneMessthetics #1From 1979.C
Penny WinbloodFire Is A Hungry BitchS/TSplit Cd with Minibosses.*
D.B.L.I.T.Y.Go West Young ManAllentown Anglophile"Dress British, look Irish, think Yiddish."C
Gito Gito HustlerMuscle Body EcstacyGito Gito GaloreFun Japanese punk rock, delievered by four young ladies.*
Extra CheesePunk MagazineThis Is It!Collection of Buffalo bands circa 1977-1984.C
Amalea TshildsTo The GroundCdrBacked by members of Tortoise and The Coctails, among others.
The MelvinsForgotten PrinciplesMangled Demos From 1983Previously unreleased.*
Tight PhantomzDancing On The FreewayCrazy When WetEx-Lustre King.*
The ChanceSeven Years Of Bad LuckGet Outta PhillyC
AarkticaSnowstorm Ruins BirthdayPure Tone Audiometry
Scout NiblettValvolineKidnapped By Neptune*
LeAlan Jones/Lloyd Newman/Dave IsayGhetto Life 101The Relay ProjectExcerpt from a 1993 audio diary.C
Fly Pan Am�fférant/Afférant Sedatif en Frequencies et SillonsGuitar player for Godspeed You Black Emperor.
New Radiant Storm KingSmearLeftover Blues 1991-2003Were they always this good or has time treated them particularly well?
National EyeLive on
ColorsGrowing Up AmericanYellow Pills: Prefill*C
Les BreastfeedersMini Jupe Et WatusiDejeuner Sur L'Herbe
Cul De SacTailing The StranglerThe Strangler's WifeMovie soundtrack.
ServotronRed Robot Refund (The Ballad Of R5-D4)No Room For HumansTonight we see Star Wars.
The ExplorersClap Your HandsSoul Fire - The Majestic CollectionMmmmm.*C
Brazelton/NaphtaliShe Said - She Said, "Can You Sing Sermonette With Me"What Is It Like To Be A Bat?Excerpt.
The CowsBlownSexy Pee Story
The Yah Mos DefThis Ain't No Beatles SongCdrLive next week on this radio show.
Gang WizardLos Angeles Movement (Point Blank Reborn)Live At The KLUX Stop*Also* live next week on this radio show.
Steven Jesse BernsteinCome Out TonightSub Pop 200Mixed in with the above.RC
The EternalsHigh AnxietyOut Of ProportionEx-Trenchmouth.
Cyclops9 Unknown MenGoat VolumeWith Peter Jefferies on drums.
Damien JuradoFuelOn My Way To Absence*
HassanGhetto KingRare Funk UncoveredC
Dag NastyThin LineCan I SaySay I can.
The EvensMinding One's Business/You Won't Feel A ThingS/TPerforming live at Murray Dodge Cafe in Princeton on May 20th.