These Vibes Are Too Cosmic

with Brian & Stevie

The Public Relations of Science Show

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
17:00 to 20:00
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Jeff SnyderThese Vibes ThemeTVR2CS/RNew Jersey, 2016

Show Intro - 2016 Finale
Apostle of Hustle w/ the Huskys24 RobbersSee You on the Moon!Paper Bag2006
Leonid SoybelmanA GuyRussen DiskoTrikont2003, Russia
Juri Seo#ThreeLive in Taplin AuditoriumPrinceton Music Department2015, New Jersey

Antimatter and laser news
Mariana MontalvoIndia SongWomen of Latin AmericaPutomayo2004, Chile

Matt Grobis Interview, Pt. 1: The Public Relations of Science
Ellis DJust Like a Queen (Share the Throne Mix)Voguing & the House Ballroom Scene of New York City, 1976-96: Volume OneSoul Jazz2016, NYC*

Matt Grobis Interview, Pt. 2: Social Media and Echo Chambers
Corazon de LliptaNegroTraditional Music of Peru 5: Celebrating Divinity in the High AndesSmithsonian Folkways1993, Peru

Matt Grobis Interview, Pt. 3: Scientific Echo Chamber? Is evidence persuasive?
Missing FoundationUntitled1933Party's Over1988, NYC
Sam PlutaMachine LanguageMachine LanguageCarrier2016*
Sonny OkosunFire in SowetoBlack Star LinerHeartbeat1977, Nigeria

Year in review: Gravity waves, but no LHC superparticle
Pril SmileyKolyosaPioneers of Electronic MusicNew World1970, New York
Curtis ConceSo NiceSonorityContemporary1989, California
Alemayno Eshirtay GroupLove is LoveAfrica DancesOriginal1971, Ethiopia
Chuck BerryCarolThe Great Twenty-EightChess1982, New Jersey

Year in review: New planet, new moon, Space-X and a new prime number
Hope Sandoval & the Warm InventionsTreasureUntil the HunterTendril Tales2016*
Antonin DvorakNo. 2 in E minor SerbianComplete Slavonic DancesDigital Technique1986, New York

Concert Calendar and Yogurt Science
Wet InkAmerican Tokyo DaydreamRelayCarrier2012, NYC*