don't back the front

with dana k

the nilsin betweenssell out young!
colin newmanlorriesnot to
dangerous birdsalpha romeoboston underground 1979-1982
the twinkeyzaliens in our midstalpha jerks
fire enginesdiscordlubricate your living room
pragVECcigaretteson spec
life without buildingsps exclusiveany other city
love is all!turn the radio offnine times the same song
real numbersfrank infatuationwordless wonder*
the cloudsget out of my dreamtake the subway to your suburb
mission of burmaeinstein's dayvs.
lungfishmother made merainbows from atoms
frustrationsadultstransmissions from the ether*
x-xAhomework 103
zoomersfrom the planet moon7"*
northern libertiesmonumentsecret revolution
ruinlife after lifefiat lux
husker dueight miles high7"
naked on the vaguetreading waterheaps of nothing
die haut and nick cavestow-a-wayburnin' the ice
shellacsong against itself1000 hurts
moss iconmemoriallyburnum
fIREHOSEchoose any memoryragin', full on