oops i inked again

with kid squid

Thursday, December 1, 2016
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request
puff! off duty cops living in the partyzone *
the pogues the band played waltzing matilda rum sodomy & the lash
ask dr science airlines lol
hope sandoval and the warm inventions the peasant until the hunter *
nathan bowles gadarene fugue whole & cloven *
huun huur tu saryglarlar ancestors call
huun huur tu chyraa-khoor (yellow pacer) ancestors call
brian eno 1/1, 2/1 ambient 1: music for airports
peals blue elvis walking field
the cry looking glass beautiful reasons
saintseneca fed up with hunger dark arc
guerilla toss trash bed gay disco
the raincoats in love the raincoats
the voodoo queens i'm not bitter (i just want to kill you) chocolate revenge
life without buildings sorrow any other city
the sparks occupation introducing R
the slits typical girls cut
algebra suicide an explanation for that flock of crows feminine squared
long beard what sleepwalker
picastro pig & sucker become secret
cyberbully mom club fight night champion any locust whatsoever
young marble giants searching for mr right live at the hurrah
los microwaves time to get up life after breakfast
atta boy walden pond out of sorts