I Just Don't Know How to Answer These Questions

with Forgetman

The "J" Set

Sunday, November 27, 2016
01:00 to 03:00
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Jean-Claude VannierLes garde volent au secours du roiL'enfant assassin des mouchesSuzelle1972
J.A. Seazer Recital / J.A. SeazerKyoujo BushiKokkyou JunreikaVictor1973
Jacqueline Humbert & David RosenboomDistant SpaceDaytime Viewing (1979-1980)Unseen Worlds2013
Velly JoonasKaes on aegStopp, seisku aeg!Frotee2015, orig. 1980
Joan BibiloniSa FoscaBornBlau1989
James FerraroUntitled #3Jarvid 9: Kava Jar RaceNew Age Tapes2009
Jon AppletonChef d'OeuvreAppleton Syntonic MenagerieFlying Dutchman1969
Joe Tossini and FriendsWild DreamSky GirlEfficient Space2016 (2013 comp., 1989 orig.)*
Syl JohnsonBlack BalloonsComplete MythologyNumero Group2010, orig. 1968
Daniel JohnstonMy Little GirlFunAtlantic1994
Josef KRevelationThe Only Fun in TownPostcard Records1981
J.J. BurnelEuromanEuroman ComethUnited Artists1979
James Chance & the ContortionsI Can't Stand MyselfNo New YorkAntilles1978
Joy DivisionDigitalSubstanceFactory1988
Jad FairA.O.K. #13Best WishesNo Man's Land1985
Jack with KillerEnough of Your NonsenseSix Weeks Omnibus Vol. 1 - A Japanese Hardcore CompilationSix Weeks1995
The Jesus and Mary ChainIt's So HardPsychocandyBlanco Y Negro1985
JH1.FS3Visions of a Scene (Coney Island)Silence.DOMself-release2015
Joseph Racaille & Patrick Portella (aka "ZNR")On ne peut plus computer sur ses doigtsRecommended Records SamplerRecommended Records1982
John CageLiving Room Music, for percussion and speech quartet------1940
Jucara Marcal & Cadu TenorioCanto VIIAngangaQTV Label2015
John Cage (Annelie Gahl, Klaus Lang)I. Harmony 18 (Old North - William Billings) (1985)Melodies & Harmoniescol legno2010
Johann JohannssonPart 1 / IBM 1401 Processing UnitIBM 1401, a User's Manual4AD2006
FURTHER---------///J.A. SEAZER -- "Minkan Iryou Jutsu" (Kokkyou Junreika) ///JACKIE-O-MOTHERFUCKER -- "Spirits" (Flags of the Sacred Harp) ///JACKSON AND HIS COMPUTER BAND -- "Teen Beat Ocean" (Smash) ///JACOB F. DESVARIEUX -- "Sweet Florence" (Jacob F. Desvarieux) ///HENRY JACOBS -- "Interview with Jocko" (Radio Programme No. 1: Henry Jacobs' "Music & Folklore") ///JAH9 -- "Humble Mi" (9) ///JAKOB UMMEL & JODLERKLUB THUN -- "Alpufzug" (Brass Pins & Pearls: International 78s) ///SKIP JAMES -- "Cypress Grove Blues" (The Complete Early Recordings 1930) ///JAN STEELE -- "All Day" (Voices and Instruments) ///JANGLETTIES -- "Happy All the Time" (Messthetics #107) ///BERT JANSCH -- "Needle of Death" (Bert Jansch) ///THE JAPANESE KARAOKE AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENT -- "Laser Express Zone" (self-titled) ///ABNER JAY -- "Cocaine" (True Story of Abner Jay) ///JEAN MICHEL JARRE -- "Calypso" (Waiting for Cousteau) ///PHILIP JECK AND JACOB KIRKEGAARD -- "Untitled #6" (Soaked) ///GRAEME JEFFERIES -- "All the Colours Run Dry" (Messages from the Cakekitchen) ///SOFIA JERNBERG -- "Tie Me Swiftly" (Below the Radar Vol. 18) ///JESSAMINE -- "Sangh Seriatim" (Harmony of the Spheres) ///JESSICA HAGEDORN & THE GANGSTER CHOIR -- "Tenement Lover" (A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse) ///JESU -- "Friends Are Evil" (Jesu) ///THE JESUS LIZARD -- "Nub" (Goat) ///THE DEL-BYZANTEENS WITH JIM JARMUSCH -- "My Hands Are Yellow (From the Job That I Do)" (Girl's Imagination) ///JASON URICK -- "Light Moves" (Below the Radar Vol. 8) ///JENNY HVAL & SUSANNA -- "I Have a Darkness" (Meshes of Voice) ///JEALOUSY MOUNTAIN DUO -- "Leaf Kickers" (No. 2) ///JOE HISAISHI -- "A Rainbow in Curved Music" (Curved Music) ///JOEL GRAHAM -- "Geomancy" (Geomancy) ///JOHANNA M. BEYER -- "Music of the Spheres" (An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 2) ///JOHN FAHEY -- "Dvorak" (America) ///JOHN ZORN -- "Spillane" (Spillane) ///BEN JOHNSTON -- "Visions and Spels" (Visions and Spels / Sonnets of Desolation) ///JOJI YUASA -- "Projection, Esemplastic for White Noise, per nastro magnetico" (OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music) ///JON HASSELL -- "Gift of Fire" (Dream Theory in Malaya) ///JOHN MAUS -- "Castles in the Grave" (A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material) ///JONAS GRUSKA -- "Spev Cvrcka" (Shape Platform 2016: Sound, Heterogenous Art and Performance in Europe) ///CHOI JOONYONG, HONG CHULKI, PARK DAHAM -- "Last Concert at Lowrise" (Below the Radar Vol. 17) ///JORDAAN MASON & THE HORSE MUSEUM -- "Organs for Oceans" (Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head) ///PHIL JULIAN -- "Arrival" (Trace) ///JUMA SULTAN'S ABORIGINAL MUSIC SOCIETY -- "AMS" (Whispers from the Archive) ///SUZUKI JUNZO -- "Les visiteurs du soir" (If I Die Before I Wake) ///JUXTAVOICES -- "Guardian Weekend Remix (extract)" (The Wire Tapper 29) ........and 80k plus more on my obnoxious and self-indulgent music database on Discogs, "Chirs' ETERNITY TANK!" show me the way https://www.discogs.com/lists/Chirs-ETERNITY-TANK/274428