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with Max

Thursday, November 17, 2016
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request
Bad Brains Sailin' On Bad Brains 1982
Death Index Little n Pretty s/t 2016 *
Drive Like Jehu Here Come The Rome Plows Yank Crime 1994
June of 44 Have A Safe Trip Dear Engine Takes To Water 1995
Joy Division Failures Substance 1978 R
Saccharine Trust A Human Certainty Paganicons 1982
Unwound Valentine Card Fake Train 1993
Scratch Acid Greatest Gift The Greatest Gift 1990
Six Finger Satellite Pulling A Train Severe Exposure 1995
Ovlov Moth Rock Am 2013
Ulrika Spacek Everything: All The Time single 2016
Salvadarlings Light Of The Second Son Primary Feels 2014
Amber Arcades Which Will single 2016 *
Tony Molina See Me Fall Confront The Truth 2016
Ultimate Painting Bills Dusk 2016
Gulfer Almost Sterling What Gives 2015
Weyes Blood Used To Be Front Row Seat To Earth 2016 *
Circuit Des Yeux Acarina Overdue 2013
Red Stars Theory How Did This Room Get So White Life In A Bubble Can Be Beautiful 1999
The For Carnation A Tribute To The For Carnation 2000
Duster Echo, Bravo Stratosphere 1998
Arthur Russell Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun / Let's See World Of Echo 1986
Eartheater Mask Therapy RIP Chrysalis 2015
Annabel (lee) Believe If Music presents: By the sea... and other solitary pieces 2015
The Echocentrics and Bill Callahan Getting Away With Your Gal Echo Hotel 2016
James Blackshaw Holly Summoning Suns 2015
Robbie Basho Rocky Mountain Raga Bonn Ist Supreme 1980
PG Six Quiet Fan For SK Parlor Tricks And Porch Favorites 2001
The Notwist One With The Freaks Neon Golden 2000 R
Roy Montgomery Another David Lynch Thanks, No Ice Bender 2016 *
Abner Jay Woke Up This Morning One Man Band
Roscoe Holcomb Swanno Mountain An Untamed Sense Of Control
Blaze Foley Clay Pigeons Sittin' By The Road
Skip James Cypress Grove Blues She Lyin' 1964
Elizabeth Cotten Time To Stop Your Idling Elizabeth Cotten, Volume 3: When I'm Gone TIME TO STOP YOUR IDLING, AMERICA