The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 243: Thank You Gwen Ifill (and Leonard, Leon & Mose)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
22:30 to 00:30
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
mf doom buckeyes special herbs vol. 8 shaman work 2004 C
king geedorah fazers take me to your leader big dada 2003
obray ramsay down by the sea shore banjo songs of the blue ridge and great smokies riverside 1957
leon russell & marc benno/the asylum choir icicle star tree look inside smash 1968 thank you leon russell
hanggai my banjo and i introducing haggai world music network 2008
henry threadgill/air the jick or mandrill's cosmic ass open air suit novus/arista 1978
leonard cohen master song songs of leonard cohen columbia 1967 thank you leonard
lush out of control blind spot ep edamame 2016 fare ye well again
earl "fatha" hines trav'lin all alone fatha: the new earl hines trio columbia 1965
harpo & chico marx w/ basile ruysdael & chorus generique/when my dream come true/i want my shirt/theme piano the cocoanuts soundtrack chansons cinema 1929 just saw again tonight
leon russell out in the woods (live) leon live shelter 1972 thank you leon russell
mose allison back country suite back country suite prestige 1957 thank you mose
darkthrone tundra leech arctic thunder peaceville 2016
leonard cohen the butcher songs from a room columbia 1969 thank you leonard
nirvana pennyroyal tea in utero dgc 1993 "give me a leonard cohen afterworld, so i can sigh eternally"
mx-80 sound it's not my fault out of the tunnel ralph 1980
ernest phipps & his holiness singers if the light has gone out in your soul single a-side victor 1928
leon russell beware of darkness leon russell & the shelter people shelter 1971 thank you leon
eric kloss descent essence! muse 1973
leonard cohen suzanne songs of leonard cohen columbia 1967 thank you leonard cohen