don't back the front

with big d, little d

Thursday, November 3, 2016
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
wire drill snakedrill 1986
lydia lunch atomic bongos queen of siam 1980
sonic youth making the nature scene confusion is sex 1983
scissor girls stim/rspnse here is the is-not 1997
ut tell it new york noise 3 1985
arab on radar attack on tijuana queen hygiene II 1997
brainiac hot metal doberman's bonsai superstar 1994
mr. science mr. science 1978-1979 2016 *
uranium club who made the man? who made the man? 7" 2016
suburbs tape your wife to the ceiling credit in heaven 1981
terry uncle greg terry HQ 2016 *
anorexia i'm a square messthetics greatest hits
vital idles my sentiment 7" 2016 *
times new viking lion & oil dig yourself 2005
electric eels cyclotron the eyeball of hell 1975/2001
der plan lebdoch normalette surprise 1981
die todliche doris tanz im quadrat rundfundmusik
smersh greasing wheezer cassette pets 1986/2012
esplendor geometrico necrosis de la poya necrosis de la poya 1981
uniform ghosthouse ghosthouse 7" 2016 *
craw echolocating 1993-1997 1993/2015
roy montgomery dear future loser r: tropic of anodyne 2016 *
tuxedomoon what use? 7" 1980
tim presley aura aura the wink 2016
bruce gilbert eline cout II the shivering man 1986