the sonic bloom

with esoterica

Tuesday, November 1, 2016
11:00 to 17:00
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lalo schifrindirty harry themedirty harry soundtrackaleph1972C
heikki sarmanto quintetseagullcounterbalanceporteroe 1971/2008 re-issue
cassandra wilsonwarm spotjumpworldjmt1990
joe strummerbrooding side of madness"walker" soundtrackastralwerksoe 1987/2005
big bill broonzeydaisythis is the blues with big bill broonzey, sonny terry, and brownie mcgheefolkways1968C
murray, allen and carringtonperfectionpower triomotema2016*
sugarman threechicken halfthe dynamic soul sound of sugarman threedesco1996
superchunklow brancheshello hawkmerge1999
lalo schifrinbullitt theme"bullitt" soundtrackfilm score monthly1969R
gang of fourwe live as we dream. alonereturn the giftv22005
sugara good ideacopper blue/beaster remastermerge1992/93
superchunkmartinis on the roofindoor livingmerge1997
sun city girlssmileeye mohiniabduction2013 (recorded 1987-1993)C
theoretical girlscomputer datings/t (1978-1981)acutereleased 2002
hey geronimowhy don't we do somethinghey geronimo e.p.rare finds2013
odetta hartmantap taps/tnorthern spy2016
p.j. harveyriver anacostiathe hope six demolition projectvagrant2016
girl bandum bongoholding hands with jamierough trade2015
jacco gardnerhypnophobiahypnophobiapolyvinyl2015
the get up kidsmass pikered letter daydoghouse1999
kishi bashisay yeahsonderlustjoyful noise2016*
morgan fischerd'ya think i'm sexy?hybrid kids: a collection of classic mutantsrock oddity2016C
big dippereaster eveheavenshomestead1987
the replacementsi'll be youi'll be you e.p.sire1989
black sabbathsweet leafmaster of realitywarner bros.1971
sordid humori knowgerm's choicegerm1988C
gas hufferhold the rolllemonade for vampiresestrus2005
fungi girlssome easy magicsome easy magichozac2012
capture the flagshallow wellgerm's choice compilation:a KUSF compilationgerm records1988C
new york dollssubway trainnight of the living dollspolygram1974
undertonesfamily entertainments/tsire1980
after the fireone rule for youpermanent wavecbs1979C
big starstroke it noelthirdjem1978
kursaal flyerstelevision generationpermanent wavecbs1979C
big blackready manheadache e.p.touch n' go 1987
blues magoosgotta getawaypsychedelic lollipopmercury1966
art pepperrita-sanno limitcontemporary1978
alistair galbraithtrack 5morse & gaugylightemperor jones1999
stiff little fingersjohnny wassee up there!virgin1989
the spiesthe stars and usthe battle of bosworth teracesiltbreezeoe 1979/2014
mike rep and the quotasrocket to nowherestupor hiatussiltbreeze2010 (cuts from 1974-1991)
of montrealnursing slopesinnocence reachespolyvinyl2016*
sun city girlsmaggot-dripping mouthfrom the land of the risingjapan overseasoe 1997/2000
oshwaultraflourescenti we you mes/r2016*
mercury girlshollycontinental driftfortuna2016*C
sleeping beautiespotter's daughters/tin the red2016*
the parrotsthe road that brings you homelos ninos sin miedoheavenly/PIAS2016
amara touresalamoutisingles collection 1973-75analog africaoe 2015/2016
death valley girlsdeath valley boogieglow in the darkburger2016R
archie scheppthe girl from ipanemafire into music, the best of IMPULSE! volume IIImca1989C
nicoit has not taken longthe endisland 1974
daniel johnstoni almost got hit by a truckyip jump musichomestead1991/oe1983
p.j. harveythe last living roselet england shakevagrant 2011
lvl upblurreturn to lovesub pop2016*
pixiesbaal's backhead carrierpixiesmusic2016*
ian sweetslime time liveshapshifterhardly art2016*
susannawe don't belong heretrianglesusannasonata2016*
angel olsennot gonna kill you/internmy womanjagjaguwar2016*
the amazingperfect shrimpambulancepartisan2016*
frustrationsnon-narrative thoughtstransmissions from the etherx!2016*
bummers evebluefly on the wall epalmost ready2016*
new paradiseeasy lifefrance chebranborn bad2016*C
adam strangleranalysedideas of orderduprince2016*
ranch ghostblack cabooselookinrough beast2016*
the smithswilliam, it was really nothinglouder than bombssire1987/oe1984-87
white nightdr. bellowsweird nightburger2016*
sonic youthprotect me youconfusion is sexgoofin'2016*
jaye bartell wake on the way downlight enoughsinderlyn2016*
drugs dragonswaiting around to dieSplit 7"terror trash2016*
thee oh seesgelatinous cubea weird exitscastleface2016*
the smithsyou've got everything nows/tsire1984
sol hoopii trio palolo hawaiian steel guitar classics (1927-1934)folklyric1981C
matthew shipp and bobby kappduringcactusnorthern spy2016*
attila the hun and lord beginneriere now and long agoCalypsos from Trinidad: Politics, Intrigue, & Violence in the 1930sarhoolieoe 1991/2016C
pablo lubadikanazali coolokominiokolostern's africaoe 1999/2016
the dead ctrack 3troublebadabing2016*
the pillowsbran-new lovesongrunners highking records1999
king britt's speakeasy mixDizzy Gillespie featuring Sarah Vaughan -- Lover Man (King Britt's Smashish Mix)Re-Bop The Savoy Remixes savoy2006*C