MasterClassics with Tobias

with Tobias

Let's have: a few Ninths.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016
06:00 to 11:00
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Mahler, GustavSymphony #9 London Philharmonic OrchestraKlaus Tennstedtn/aEMI 94504/5Started about 6:06 a.m. EDT
Beethoven, LudwigSymphony #9 in d, Op. 125Orchestre Revolutionaire et RomantiqueJohn Eliot GardinerAnne Sofie von Otter (sopr), Anthony Rolfe Johnson (ten)Archiv 439 9057:36
Shostakovich, DmitriSymphony #9 in Eflat, Op. 70London Philharmonic OrchestraBernard Haitinkn/aLondon 414 6778:44
Mozart, Wolfgang Symphony #9 in C, K. 73Philharmonia Symphony Orchestra of LondonErich Leinsdorfn/avinyl: Music Guild MS-1819:11
Brahms, JohannesVariations on a theme by Robert Schumann, Op. 9n/an/aIan Hobson (pno)AR Z66549:23
Dvorak, AntoninSymphony #9 in e, Op. 95Vienna PhilharmonicLorin Maazeln/aDG 410 0329:41
Haydn, Franz JosephSymphony #99 in EflatThe London Classical PlayersRoger Norringtonn/aEMI 10621010:24
Chopin, FredericEtude #9, Op. 25 in G flatn/an/aGarrick Ohlsson (pno)AR Z671810:54
Dvorak, Antonin The 'ninth' Slavonic dance. That is: Slavonic Dance #`1, Op. 72 in BRoyal Philharmonic OrchestraAntal Doratin/aLondon 411 73510:55