with Tim


Sunday, October 30, 2016
13:00 to 15:00
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concentricksecret shadows in the skylucidd dreamingEmperor Jones
fairport conventiontam linliege and liefa&m
peter paul and mary a soalinin concert /
Fairport Conventionshe moves through the fairwhat we did on holiday island remasters
steeleye span gaudete portfolioshanachie
sandy denny this train //
pentangle take three pentaglereprise
lonnie donnegan 500 milestroubadours of folk /
flying burrito brothers foggy mental breakdown live/
hoyt axtongreenback dollarhoyt axton/
mary travers indian sunsetmary /
pentangle bruton town //
tim hardenif i were a carpenter //
sandy dennyfhir a bhata /
greenbriar boyswe need alot more jesus and alot less rock and roll //
mary blackpaddys lament//
wye oakout of nowwheretween merge*
kishi bashimloversonder lustjoyful noise*
the amazingtracksambulancepartisan records*
warpaintwhite outheads up rough trade*
thee oh sees unwrap the fienda wierd exitscastlefce*
pixieshead carrierhead carrierpixies music *
the veilsaxoloti Total Depravitynettwerk*
oshwastayi we you meself relased*
of montreallets relateInnocence Reachespolyvinyl*
bruce langhorneleavig del nortesky girlefficient space*
clouds becomes your hand hermitrest in fleasnorthern spy
cloud cultlove and the first law of thermodynamicsloveearthology
ted cassidy the lurch //
round robin i am the wolfman//
herbert strocki was a teenage frankenstein // C
the munstersthe munster creep munsters/
7th courtone eyed witch single 45/
headless horsemanheadless horsemanheadless horseman rides /
tarantula ghoulsgraveyard rockhorror hop / C
jackie morningstar rockin the graveyard//
gene mossi want to bite your handsingle 45/
keystones i was a teenage monsterhalloween nuggets - monser au go go / C
bert conveymonster hop //
zaniesmad scienttistsingle 45 /
the haunted mansion the haunted mansionthe haunted mansion walt disney
zacherlydinner with drac //
the mysteryswitch girl halloween nuggetts monster au go go / C
magic kidsphonememphistrue panther sounds
cloud cultno one said it wold be easy feel good ghostsearthtology
cloud controldream cavescardream cave
ghost gumwavesclique-loose tooth-ghost gum-munmbler 4 way self released?
bedroom problemsobligatedbedroom problemsself released
planet zbombay expressplanet zplanetztheband
steeleye spanallison grossparcel of rogues shanachie
decemberistsi dreamt i was an archiectcastaways and cut outs kill rock stars
decemberistsi dreamt i was an archiectcastaways and cut outs kill rock stars
the clientelei had to say thissuburban lightmerge records
Comets on firedogwoodavatarsub pop
polythemusthe sea mapthe great village trip ep placebo
the brood youve got me cryinsingle 45stanton park records
buffy sainte mariecodinethe best of vAn guard
cold beat collapseover mecrime on the moon