I Just Don't Know How to Answer These Questions

with Forgetman

The "G" Set

Sunday, October 30, 2016
01:00 to 03:00
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Grosskopf, HaraldSo Weit, So GutSynthesistSky1980
Gary Wilson6.4 = Make OutYou Think You Really Know MeMCM, Re: Feeding Tube1977
Goebbels, HeinerBerlin - Kudamm 12 April 1981Recommended Records SamplerRecommended1982
Feliu i Joan Albert (FILE UNDER:///GASULL)El califa de cassolesFeliu i Joan AlbertZeleste, Edigsa1977
Group Anmattaf (aka Baye)TinariwenMusic from Saharan Cellphones, vol. 1Sahel Sounds2010
Gorky's Zygotic MynciSiwt Nofio (2)PatioAnkst1993
Gabriel SalomanGagakuMovement Building Vol. IIShelter Press2015
Grubbs, DavidYellow SkyIgevar / Yellow SkyKning Disk2004; 7" split w/ the great Ake Hodell
Ghedalia TazartesSide ARepas FroidPan, [ tanzprocesz ]2011; orig. 2009
Graham LambkinCementspawnSalmon RunKye2007
GrouperStuckDragging a Dead Deer Up a HillType2008
G.I. GurdjieffJune 15, 1949ImprovisationsMississippi/Change, Psychic Sounds2012
Galas, DiamandaEyes Without Blood: Wild Women with Steak-KnivesUntitledself-release1981
Roy Montgomery10538 OverdriveRMHQ (Darkmotif Dancehall)Grapefruit2016; he's back!*
DATADUMP (If I had a third hour...)LISTENTO THESETRACKS///THE BLUE HUMANS FEAT. RUDOLPH GREY -- "Finally" (Clear to Higher Time) ///GALAXY 2 GALAXY -- "Hi-Tech Jazz (The Science)" (Galaxy 2 Galaxy) ///GALBRAITH, ALASTAIR -- "Fall" (Morse) ///GANG GANG DANCE -- "Egowar" (God's Money) ///RON GEESIN -- "Commuter / Car Crusher" (Electrosound) ///THE GEROGERIGEGEGE -- "Rock'n'Roll" (Tokyo Anal Dynamite) ///GHOST -- "Hazy Paradise" & "Dominoes - Celebration for the Gray Days (Syd Barrett)" (Hypnotic Underworld) ///ALKIBAR GIGNOR -- "Souka Selenam" (La paix) ///GILBERTO GIL -- "Miserere et nobis" (Tropicalia ou panis et circensis) ///GIRLS -- "Forgiveness" (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) ///PHILIP GLASS -- "Ange des orages" (Philip Glass: North Star) ///GLAXO BABIES -- "Shake (the Foundations)" (D-I-Y Do It Yourself) ///GOD -- "Black Jesus" (Ambient 4: Isolationism) ///GOGOL BORDELLO -- "Not a Crime" (Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike) ///DAVY GRAHAM -- "Angi" (3/4 A.D.) ///ANNE GUTHRIE -- "Branching Low and Spreading" (Codiaeum Variegatum) ///ROBIN GUTHRIE & HAROLD BUDD -- "Halloween" (Mysterious Skin OST) ///GRAEME REVELL (PERFORMING ADOLF WOLFLI) -- "Chimpnags-Apes of the Union Canada: America" (Necropolis, Amphibians and Reptiles: the Music of Adolf Wolfli) ///GINO SOCCIO -- "Dancer" (Outline) ///GARETH WILLIAMS & MARY CURRIE -- "The Best Weapon" (Flaming Tunes) ///ROY MONTGOMERY -- "Fantasia on a Theme by Sandy Bull" (Harmony of the Spheres)!!!