Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Saturday, October 29, 2016
00:30 to 03:30
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Jason Sloan Aleppo Haven slo.bor media 00:09:07
latome Theme for an Optical Printer latome2 self release 00:23:42
Warren Daly Tropospheric Reflection Spiralling Continuum We Are All Ghosts 00:33:47
Dronny Darko Forbidden Wisdom Spira Igneus Cryo Chamber 00:39:10
Cosmic Ground Monochrome Ritual Cosmic Ground III Self Release 00:49:10
Mercury Theater War of the Worlds (live broadcast from 1938) n/a n/a 01:00:00
--- Aglaia Primeval Nebula (excerpt) Primeval Nebula Hic Sunt Leones
--- Vladimir Ussachevsky Computer Piece No.1 (excerpt) Vladimir Ussachevsky: Electronic And Acoustic Works 1957-1972 Composers Recordings Inc.
--- Tangerine Dream Main Title Theme (excerpt) Sorcerer MCA Records
--- Vangelis Beaubourg Part I Beaubourg RCA Victor
--- Tom Heasley Joshua Tree (excerpt) Desert Trypych Farfield Records
Forma Wandwerer Imitates a Cloud Physicalist Kranky 02:00:00
bpmf Lucid Phantom Solaris Self-Release 02:05:40
Thom Brennan Music from the Forest Part 8 Music from the Forest TMB Soundworks 02:09:19
AUN Middle Earth Fiat Lux Cyclic Law 02:15:41
Jeffrey Koepper interlogic Terrelektra Air Space Records 02:20:21
Jonathan Block & The Circular Ruins Seeing is Believing Shadows on Water Gears of Sand 02:29:14
Ken Camden eta Carinae Space Mirror Kranky 02:41:40
Michael Bruckner Rinkula Naura Klangwirkstoff Records 02:48:33