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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
Six Minute War 33.3 Messthetics #1: UK 1977-'82 Hyped2Death C
Pere Ubu Street Waves The Modern Dance Blank 1978; Debut
The Dynatones Fender Rock Kicksville: Volume 2 Norton Records
Magma Nono Attahk Tomato 1978
The Residents Denial: Betty's Body Demons Dance Alone Ralph Records
Tuxedomoon Pinheads On the Move Pinheads on the Move Cramboy 1987; compilation of rarities
John Carpenter The Shape Stalks Laurie Halloween
Laurie Anderson White Lily The Ugly One with the Jewels
Can She Brings the Rain Cannibalism
Meredith Monk Do You Be? Key Increase Records 1971; Debut by this American composer, performer, director, vocalist, filmmaker, and choreographer, known for her vocal innovations, including a wide range of extended techniques, which she first developed in her solo performances prior to forming her own ensemble.
The Residents Six More Miles to the Graveyard The Stars & Hank Forever Ralph Records Hank Williams cover; This album is comprised of half Hank Williams covers, half John Philip Sousa covers. One of two albums in their "American Composers Series"
Wire Strange Pink Flag Harvest 1977; Debut
Scout Niblett Hot to Death Kidnapped By Neptune Too Pure 2005
Marianne Faithfull & Hugo Monday Zorn The Seven Deadly Sins BMG 1998; Her version of the Kurt Weill Opera. Marianne Faithfull had already performed The Seven Deadly Sins live at St Ann's in Brooklyn, but it was only after working with Dennis Russell Davies on 20th Century Blues that the idea of recording the opera came to her. Dennis Russell Davies agreed to collaborate again with her, and the album was recorded in June 1997 at the Vienna Konzerthaus with Dennis Russell Davies conducting the Vienna Radio Symphony orchestra. The recording also includes other songs by Weill & Brecht like the Alabama Song and songs from The Threepenny Opera, which Marianne Faithfull also performed live in 1992 at the Dublin Gate Theater, playing the role of the prostitute Jenny and interpreting the famous Pirate Jenny song.
The Gothic Archies The World Is a Very Scary Place The Tragic Treasury
Cody Chesnutt Boils Plague Songs 4AD 2006; album of songs, by various artists, about the ten Plagues of Egypt described in the Book of Exodus, featuring Robert Wyatt, Brian Eno, King Creosote, Laurie Anderson, Gothic Archies, The Tigerlillies, Scott Walker, So, so good.
John Carpenter Assault On Precinct 13 - Main Title Assault On Precinct 13 John Carpenter-composed this soundtrack to his own film, released in 1976. Carpenter, assisted by Dan Wyman, had several banks of synthesizers that would each have to be reset when another sound had to be created, taking a great deal of time. "When I did my original themes for [Assault] … it was done with very old technology," replied Carpenter. "It was very difficult to get the sounds, and it took very long to get something simple."
The Gothic Archies It's Useless to Struggle/City of the Damned The New Despair Nonesuch 1997 Debut
Sparkle Moore Killer Good Girls Gone Bad Norton Born Barbara Morgan in 1939 in Omaha, Nebraska, she is a rockabilly singer, who recorded only a few songs during her career, but was highly influential as a pioneer of female rockabilly. Her name was earned because of her similarity to Sparkle, a supporting character in the Dick Tracy comic strip. Sparkle dressed in men's clothing, often including leather, and sported an Elvis-influenced pompadour.
Roky Erickson & The Aliens Stand for the Fire Demon The Evil One
The Magics Zombie Walk Doo-Wop Halloween Is a Scream
The Cramps I Was a Teenage Werewolf Songs the Lord Taught Us I.R.S. Records 1980; Debut album
Screamin' Jay Hawkins I Put a Spell On You At Home with Screamin' Jay Hawkins Okeh 1958; The most famous song he wrote & recorded.
The Cramps Human Fly Bad Music for Bad People I.R.S. Records 1984
Larry Williams Heeby Jeebies Great Googa Mooga
The Sonics Psycho! Rockabilly Psychosis & The Garage Disease
The Veils Here Comes the Dead Total Depravity Nettwerk 2016 *