The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 236: The 2016 Fundraiser Show

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Request Comp
mf doom devil's shoestring special herbs vol. 8 shaman work 2004 C
battles the yabba la di da di warp 2015
horse lords truthers/encounter I/transfinite flow interventions northern spy 2016
oranssi pazuzu hypnotisoitu viharukous varahtelija 20 buck spin 2016
mr. ondioline gavotte des vers luisants mr. ondioline ep cacophonic 1961
heron oblivion oriar heron oblivion sub pop 2016
pretty things bracelets of fingers s.f. sorrow columbia/rare earth 1968
ion laceanu love and briu reflections of romania: village and urban folk traditions nonesuch explorer series 1977/1983
meridian brothers contienda los suicidas sound way 2015
bora yoon jansori pansori sunken cathedral innova/acf 2014
ryan huber etonian comoros self-released 2016
dylan thomas a refusal to mourn the death, by fire, of a child in london dylan thomas reading, volume two caedmon 1953
kreator endless pain endless pain noise 1985
john zorn colombina commedia dell'arte tzadik 2016
wayne shorter mahjong juju blue note 1964
gene marshall green fingernails the american song-poem anthology bar/none 197?/2003 R C
mel blanc yosemite sam man of 1,000 voices emi 195?/2005 C
two tzoztil speakers new years prayer modern mayan: the indian music of chiapas, mexico folkways 1974/1975 C
tucker martine and dragonflies particle swarm intelligence (excerpt) broken-hearted dragonflies sublime frequencies 2000/2004
charles mingus moanin' blues & roots atlantic 1959
can mushroom tago mago spoon 1971