don't back the front

with dana k + dondi

scritti polittiis and ought the western worldearly
the pin groupambivalences/t
bush tetrastoo many creeps7"
tim presleylong bowthe wink*
the tikisjunie7"
the red krayolaborn in flamessingles
bathroom renovationsapathetic hellthe potent human EP
beach bullieszip zipwe rule the universe
happy flowersstop touching my foodoof
white fencelike thatfor the recently found innocent
pagansgive till it hurtsthe pink!
the goriesnitroglycerinei know you fine, but how you doin'?
tav falco's panther burnsbourgeois bluesbehind the magnolia curtain
bogshedhand me down fatherlet them eat bogshed
the pop groupthief of fireY
six finger satellitebad comradesevere exposure
facitkrvmĺndag mon amour*
muzakilha urbananao wave
nagamatzumeloncholy oxideabove this noise*
implogholland tunnel drivenew york noise 3