I Just Don't Know How to Answer These Questions

with Forgetman

The "D" Set

Sunday, October 2, 2016
01:00 to 03:00
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Dissevelt, TomSyncopation (Orbit Aurora)Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Music From Philips Research Laboratories (1956-1963)Bastaorig. 1958
D'Angelo and the VanguardAnother LifeBlack MessiahRCA2014
DalekSpiritual HealingFrom Filthy Tongue of Gods and GriotsIpecac Recordings2002
Dead Can DanceAriadneInto the Labyrinth4AD1993
(R.L. Crutchfield's) Dark DayTrappedExterminating AngelDark Entries1980 (2012 reissue)
DeuxMinistry of LoveDecadenceMinimal Wave2010 (orig. 1983-85ish?)
Dhomont, FrancisL'electroJalonsEmpreintes DIGITALes1990 (compiled 2003)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (D.A.F.)Die fesche LolaDie kleinen und die bosenMute1980
Dilloway, AaronEight Cut Scars (for Robert Turman)Modern JesterHanson Records2012

Please do not post anything on these green Venetian walls
Dr. John, the Night TripperDanse Kalinda Ba DoomGris-GrisATCO Recordings1968
Dead MoonDead Moon NightUnknown PassageM'lady's1989
DeerhoofDream Wanderer's TuneMilk ManKill Rock Stars2004
The Dead CFourTroubleBa Da Bing!2016*
Dinosaur Jr.Don'tBugSST1988
Daiguo, Li / Parker, RickResearch Has Shown That Casting Spells Using Contemporary Social Media Is Just as Effective as Chanting Over CauldronsFree World MusicEleven2Eleven2016*
Dell'Aere, DarioEagles in the Night (Instr. version)Eagles in the NightDark Entries2016 (orig. 1985)*
Dolly MixtureNever Let It GoDemonstration TapesRoyal Mint1995 (orig. 1984)
Dog Faced HermansLes femmes et les filles vont danserThose Deep BudsAlternative Tenticles1995
Dolden, PaulPhysics of Seduction. Invocation #2L'ivresse de la vitesseempreintes DIGITALes1991

Dolden, "The Possessed Individuals": The Possessed Individuals is a metaphor for the soloists and their relationship to the sound world found in the tape component of each composition. The five works philosophically address the crises in our traditional thought structures and our fast approach towards the impossible dream of escaping mortality through the construction of an artificial or virtual reality created through the use of advanced technology. These virtual realities would create a world of shifting pleasures composed of strategies of appearances which would allow for the remapping of experience and existence. In this metaphor, the tape is a type of virtual reality in which idealized acoustic situations are made possible only with the modern digital recording studio. The soloist, or the Possessed Individual, often plays materials that blend with or enter the virtual reality of the tape. At other times, the soloist maintains his/her individuality by playing in a different direction from the tape in terms of mood, tempo, dynamics, harmony or timbre. Therefore the Possessed Individual, or the soloist, is also a metaphor for all of us at the end of the second millennium, in that we are aware of the breakdown of our traditional thought structures but unable to completely escape our historicized subjectivity. Nonwithstanding this predicament, we are still possessed with an energy to create play, challenges and duels. When these energies are combined with technology, they can ideally lead to new sonic worlds and offer the possibility of remapping of our senses and existence through transcendental aesthetic experiences."
Drake, NickNorthern SkyBryter LayterIsland1970
If I had a third hour... (Homework for voracious souls)LISTENTO THESETRACKS///Dadamah — "Violet Stains Red" (Violet Stains Red / Absent and Erotic Lives) (Yellow Electric) (2012) (5:17) ///Daoust, Yves — Suite Baroque : Les << Agrémens >> (Anecdotes) (Empreintes DIGITALes) (1991) (6:51) ///(R.L. Crutchfield’s) Dark Day — Raven’s Wing (Exterminating Angel) (Dark Entries) (1980) (1:56) ///Darondo — Let My People Go (Black & Proud Vol. 1) (Trikont) (2002, song orig. 1974) (3:43) ///Dasken, Paul — “Wichita Lineman” (Speckled Ax) (self-released) (1989) (2:40) ///The Dave Pike Set — El-Die-Bie! (Dutch Rare Groove) (Supertracks) (2005 song orig. 1969) (3:18) ///Davis, Miles — John McLaughlin (Bitches Brew) (Columbia) (1970) (4:23) ///Davoz, Pascal — Cinema (France Chebran: French Boogie 1980-1985) (Born Bad) (2015) (4:32) ///Deacon, Dan — "Big Milk" (Spiderman of the Rings) (Carpark) (2007) (4:25) ///The Dead C — Sky (Harsh 70s Reality) (Siltbreeze) (1992) (3:48) ///Death — "Politicians in My Eyes" (…For the Whole World to See) (Drag City) (2009; song orig. 1976) (5:51) ///Deception Bay — Fortune Days (My Color Flag) (Independent Project) (1991) (5:28) ///Dees, Sam — Heritage of a Black Man (Black & Proud Vol. 1) (Trikont) (2002, song orig. 1998?) (3:49) ///Deison & Mingle — Nessun Desiderio (Decimation) (Everything Collapse(d)) (Aagoo) (2014) (6:12) ///Department of Eagles — Classical Records (In Ear Park) (4AD) (2008) (2:49) ///Der Plan — “Wat’s Dat?” (Normalette Surprise) (Ata Tak) (1981) (2:06) ///Destroyer — Bay of Pigs (detail) (Kaputt) (Merge) (2011) (11:17) ///The Deviants — “I’m Coming Home” (Ptooff!) (Drop Out!) (1967) (5:52) ///Diabo, Tom — Girl (Dark Star) (Body Double) (1988) (2:36) ///Discharge — "A Hell on Earth & Cries of Help" (Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing) (Clay) (1982) (5:00) ///DJ Shadow — Changeling (Endtroducing…) (Mo Wax) (1996) (7:17) ///Dolphy, Eric — "Something Sweet, Something Tender" (Out to Lunch) (Blue Note) (1964) (6:01) ///Dome — D-D-Bo (Dome 3) (Dome Records) (1981) (3:52) ///Drive Like Jehu — O Pencil Sharp (Drive Like Jehu) (Headhunter) (1991) (9:42) ///The Durutti Column — “U.S.P.” (The Guitar and Other Machines) (Factory) (1987) (2:22) ///Duster — Me and the Birds (Contemporary Movement) (Up) (2000) (1:32)