with Palindrome

Monday, September 19, 2016
20:00 to 23:00
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Chris FarrenHuman BeingCan't DieSide One Dummy2016*
JankWut I Liek Abt UAwkward Pop Songs
SomosThorn In The SideFirst Day Back
Bride of No NoReal In My FriendBride of No No
Frog EyesThe Sensitive GirlsPaul's Tomb: A Triumph
PentimentoJust FriendsInside the Sea
You VandalTake Me HomeAbandon All Hope
Such GoldSycamorePedestals
The World Is A Beautiful Place & ...Eyjafjallajokull Dance [2010 Original Recording]Formlessness (Reissue)s/r2016*
Cotton JonesI Am The ChangerParanoid Cocoon
Page FranceJesusHello, Dear Wind
Floating Action50 LashesFloating Action
Vinyl WilliamsWorld SoulInto
Plastic FlowersDiverHeavenly
Animal EyesMushroom HunterWhere We Go
Fanno CreekI Can't Get ThereGreen Houses
The AmazingTracksAmbulancePartisan2016*
OshwaHazeI We You Mes/r2016*
Boards of CanadaTelephasic WorkshopMusic Has the Right to Children
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Odd NosdamFly ModeTIME Soundtrack
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Soft PowersJust Like Tropica-LBad Pop
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Belle MareCicadaCicada
Majical CloudzChildhood's EndImpersonator
Julia HolterSilhouetteHave You In My Wilderness?
Empress OfStandardMe
Port St. WillowAmawalkHoliday
Tu FawningAnchorA Monument
HoderaThe OutsideLive on WPRBWPRB2016*
Yumi KaguraTakusa SiamonYumi KaguraEM2016*