with Palindrome

Thursday, September 8, 2016
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
The Amazing Ambulance Ambulance Partisan 2016 *
Mndsgn Camelblues Yawn Zen
Dumbo Gets Mad Indian Food Quantum Leap
Cant The Edge Dreams Come True
Memory Tapes Plain Material Seek Magic
Memory Cassette Surfin Call & Response EP
True Widow FOUR TEETH Circumambulation
Jesu Homesick Everyday I Get Closer
Locrian & Mamiffer In Fulminic Blaze Bless Them That Curse
Raymond Scott Woolson Jubilate Deo Accidental Grace Notes
Boris Farewell Pink
Death Valley Girls Glow In The Dark Glow In The Dark Burger 2016 *
Why Be & Elysia Crampton Dummy Track Elysia Crampton
Plaid Saladore The digging Remedy Warp 2016 *
Two Lone Swordsmen You Are... Tiny Reminders
Ital Tek Hyper Real Hyper Real
Chris Farren Everything's My Fault Can't Die Side One Dummy 2016 *
Crying Wool in the Wash Wool in the Wash
Jeff Rosenstock Hey Allison! We Cool?
Imadethismistake Weak Week Bow & Quiver
Savak Burned By A Fever Best of Luck in Future Endeavors
Susan somebody Never Enough Volar 2016 *
Angel Olsen Unfucktheworld Burn Your Fire For No Witness
So Percussion & Matmos Aluminum Treasure State Cantaloupe 2010
Ryan Choi Three Dancers Three Dancers Accretions 2016 *
YPY Zurhyrethm Zurhyrethm EM 2016 *
mu-Ziq Goodbye, Goodbye Royal Astronomy
The Pillows Rush Happy Bivouac King 1999
Hrvatski Vatstep Dsp Swarm & Dither
American Football I've Been So Lost for So Long single
The World Is A Beautiful Place & ... Rage Against The Dying of the Light harmlessness
Prawn Settled Settled
Lucy Dacus Troublemaker Doppelganger No Burden
Dikembe Even Bother Mediumship
Everyone Everywhere I Feel Exhausted Everyone Everywhere
Football, etc. Sudden Death The Draft
Clique Separate Burden Piece Topshelf 2016 *
Big Thief Humans Masterpiece Saddle Creek 2016 *
Gross Ghost Other Side Public Housing Odessa 2013
Flake Music Spanway Hits When You Land Here