Noises That You Don't Mind

with Bobby

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
11:00 to 14:00
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Artist Song Album Label New Request
american football i've been so lost for so long new single (what? they still exist? what?) polyvinyl
joanna newsom time, as a symptom divers drag city
palace music new partner viva last blues drag city
maquiladora simply to see you a house all on fire darla
no neck blues band the natural bridge sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me (revenant)
william devaughn be thankful for what you got ? this was a request R
olivia neutron-john vulnerability olivia neutron-john gilgongo
palm ankles trading basics exploding in sound
bur gur SLUDG3H4MM3R have you lost your faith in god? new los angeles *
half waif nest probable depths s/r
pi ja ma radio girl radio girl EP s/r
PWR BTTM new hampshire single! father / daughter
you blew it! susanne (weezer cover) you blue it topshelf
saintseneca fed up with hunger dark arc anti-
pedro the lion bad diary days it's hard to find a friend jade tree
the world is a beautiful place & i am no longer afraid to die thanks between bodies broken world media
magnolia electric co. map of the falling sky josephine secretly canadian
noggin next time i'll tell you how i use my worn bath water s/t trackshun
told slant high dirge going by double double whammy *
everyone everywhere raw bar obx 2002 s/t tiny engines
speedy ortiz the graduates foil deer car park
jank alligator versace summer creep
lvl up pain single sub pop
owen bad news at home with polyvinyl
hodera first ones at the party live at wprb live recorded here! *
ravi shavi device independent almost ready *
stephin merritt i don't believe you obscurities merge
meat puppets down rat farm megaforce
violent soho like soda waco sideonedummy *
have a good season when the brain tells you to breathe live at wprb them? here? making? music? wow? *
pkew pkew pkew mid-20's skateboarder s/t royal mountain *
oxford collapse featherbeds bits sub pop