I Made An Omelette With My Boyfriend Half An Hour Ago

with Aida

Friday, August 12, 2016
14:00 to 17:00
dance, metal, et
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Halshug Kvaelende Frygt Blodlets Southern Lord 2016
Electric Wizard Funeralopolis Dopethrone Rise Above 2004
Sumac Clutch of Oblivion What/One/Becomes Thrill Jockey 2016 *
Zu Carbon Carboniferous Ipecac 2009
Boris Absolutego Absolutego 1996
Algebra Suicide Little Dead Bodies The Secret Like Crazy RRRecords 1986
Los Microwaves Time to Get Up Life After Breakfast Dark Entries 2013
Vivien Goldman It's Only Money Resolutionary Staubgold 2016 *
Joel Grey Willkommen Cabaret ABC 1972
Hubert Kah Rosemarie Meine Hohepunkte Polydor 1982
Stahlnetz Fahr Doch Mit Dem Automobil Wir Sind Glücklich Ariola 1982
Humpe Humpe Geschrien Im Schlaf Humpe Humpe Warner Bros 1985
Brian Eno Baby's On Fire Here Come the Warm Jets Island 1973
Epileptics 1970's Have Been Made in Hong Kong System Rejects Overground 1996
The Fall An Older Lover Slates Rough Trade 1981
Small Faces Lazy Sunday Afternoon 7" Immediate 1978 *
Talking Heads Don't Worry About the Government '77 Sire 1977
The Kinks Big Sky The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society 1968
Golden Teacher Maladroit Sounds of the Universe Soul Jazz 2015
Aphex Twin 2X202-ST5 Cheetah Warp 2016 *
Higher Authorities Another Time, Another Place Neptune Domino 2016 *