These Vibes Are Too Cosmic

with Brian & Stevie

The Thruster/Sound Show

Tuesday, August 9, 2016
17:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
The Phantom Surfers Curb Job Skaterhater Lookout 1998, California

Introduction to the show
Papas Fritas Passion Play Passion Play EP Minty Fresh 1995, USA
Black Dice Miles of Smiles Miles of Smiles DFA 2004, USA

Interview with Edgar Choueiri: Ion and Hall Thrusters
Better Off Airport Senior Kneecaps Vivre Gourmandizer 1996
George Hurd All Falling Apart Navigate Without Numbers Innova 2016 *
The GTVs Be My Lady Sh'Bang! Teen Sound 2014
Mumblr Champion The Never Ending Get Down Fleeting Youth 2016 *
Jaye Bartell The Burden Light Enough Sinderlyn 2016 *

Interview with Edgar Choueiri: 3D Sound Engineering
Palace Songs Agnes, Queen of Sorrow Hope EP Drag City 1994, Illinois
David Arvedon When Your Name is Jalopos Pakedos The Best of David Arvedon, Vol. 1 Mighty Mouth 2015, New York
Jessy Lanza VV Violence Oh No Hyperdub 2016, EU *
Natural History The Enemy Natural History Marcata 2002, New York

3D Audio is Accessible
The Dentists Box of Sun See No Evil 7' Homestead 1993, England
New Radiant Storm King Phonecall Rival Time Homestead 1993, Massachussetts

Scientific curiosity?
Wilfrido Vargas El Funcionario El Funcionario Karen 1983, Dominican Republic
Pharaoh Overlord Devastator Out of Darkness Ektro 2011, Finland
Pharaoh Overlord Devastator Out of Darkness Ektro 2011, Finland