The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 222: Thank You Bernie Worrell

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
22:00 to 02:00
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mf doomblack snake rootspecial herbs vol. 6nature sounds/metal face2003 C
jean-bernard raiteuxkathleen & the horsesles demons soundtrackfinders keepers1973 reis. 2016
deerhoofkafe mania!the magicpolyvinyl2016
the red krayola with art & languageno! no! no! trust yourselfbaby and child caredrag city1984/2016
the "charlie" mingus jazz workshopprofile of jackiepithecanthropus erectusatlantic1956 mingus born 2/22 (1922)
the mothers of inventionmotherly love/you didn't try to call me/i'm not satisfied/hungry freaks, daddy/go cry on somebody else's shoulder (live)the mofo project/objectzappa6/25/66 freak out! released 6/27ish/66, 50 years ago
the mothers of inventionband introductions by ray collins and bill graham/plastic people (live)mystery discbarking pumpkin/ryko6/25/66
parliamentp. funk (wants to get funked up)mothership connectioncasablanca1975 thank you for those goddamn keyboards bernie
parliamentchocolate citychocolate citycasablanca1975 funk keyboard masterpiece
parliamentpreludethe clones of dr. funkensteincasablanca1976
funkadeliceverybody's going to make it this timeamerica eats its youngwestbound1972
funkadelicalice in my fantasies/maggot brain (live)live - meadowbrook, rochester, michigan, 12th september 1971westbound1971/1996
funkadelicatmospherelet's take it to the stagewestbound1975 funk bach keyboard masterpiece
funkadelica joyful processamerica eats its youngwestbound1972 funk soul keyboard masterpiece
funkadelicnappy dugoutcosmic slopwestbound1973 melodica funk
parliamentchildren of productionthe clones of dr. funkensteincasablanca1976
funkadelicundisco kiddtales of kidd funkadelicwestbound1976
funkadelichit it and quit itmaggot brainwestbound1971 bernie worrell, lead vocals
bernie worrellwoo togetherall the woo in the worldarista1978
parliamentaqua boogie (a psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop)motor booty affaircasablanca1978
funkadelicmagnififunktoyswestbound1970/2008 C
funkadelicloose bootyamerica eats its youngwestbound1972 wah key solo, damn
parliamentmothership connection (star child)mothership connectioncasablanca1975 are you hip to easter island? the bermuda triangle?
parliamenteverything is on the onethe clones of dr. funkensteincasablanca1976
funkadelictales of kidd funkadelic (opusdelite years)tales of kidd funkadelicwestbound1976 like tangerine dream ate the brown acid
funkadeliccosmic slopcosmic slopwestbound1973
funkadelicfree your mind and your ass will followfree your mind... and your ass will followwestbound1970
funkadelici got a thing, you got a thing, everybody's got a thing (live)live - meadowbrook, rochester, michigan, 12th september 1971westbound1971/1996
funkadelicyou hit the nail on the headamerica eats its youngwestbound1972 epic melodica funk
funkadeliclunchmeataphobia (think! it ain't illegal yet!)one nation under a groovewarner bros.1978 electric centipede music
funkadelicholly wants to go to californiauncle jam wants youwarner bros.1979 the rare p-funk piano ballad
parliamentlivin' the lifeosmiuminvictus1970
parliamentflash lightfunkentelechy vs. the placebo syndromecasablanca1977 bass mini-moog like woah
funkadelicadolescent funkhardcore jollieswarner bros.1976 thank you so very much bernie worrell