The Clothesline

with Wilbo

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
14:00 to 17:00
other shows

Artist Song Album Label New Comp
Spanky and Our Gang Leopard Skin Phones Without Rhyme or Reason Mercury
Miles Davis Great Expectations Big Fun Columbia
Subarachnoid Space The Red Veil The Red Veil Strange Attractors Audio House
Andrew Tuttle Activation Fantasy League Someone Good *
Spacemen 3 O.D. Catastrophe The Sound of Confusion Fire
Rye Coalition Break Wind and Fire Jersey Girls Tiger Style
The Bellrays Too Many Houses in Here Grand Fury Vital Gesture/Uppercut
Enon Daughter in The House of Fools Hocus Pocus Touch & Go
The Coathangers Make it Right Nosebleed Weekend Suicide Squeeze *
Slant 6 Double Edged Knife Soda Pop Rip Off Dischord
The Muffs I'm Confused Blonder and Blonder reprise
Monomen Sin #1 Have a Nice Day, MF! Estrus
Children's Crusade Blue Venus Aflame Scorpio Moon 7" Scat
The Monks Monk Time Black monk Time Polydor
Killing Time B2 Skip Epic
Higher Authorities The Clone Neptune Domino *
Herb Remington Sweetnin' KIngs of The Steel Guitar Design C
Lee Mace Mama Don't Allow no Music Playin' in Here Lee Mace's Ozark Opry Century
The Smothers Brothers Cabbage The Two Sides of the Smothers Brothers Mercury
Noel Ellis Reach My Destiny Summer Records Anthology 1974-1988 Light in The Attic C
Lee "Scratch" Perry Crazy Pimp Repentance Narnack
Vinny Golia Quintet Upper Cruster Against The Grain Nine Winds
Rova Sax Quartet w/Anthony Braxton The Shopper The Aggregate Sound Aspects
Gino Robair & Otomo Yoshihide Inappropriations Buddy Systems Meniscus
Storsveit Nix Noltes Elenska Rachenitsa Royal Family-Divorce FatCat
Satan and Adam I Want You Harlem Blues Flying Fish
Add N to (X) B.P. Perino Add Insult to Injury Mute
Jacques Brel Le Moribond If You Go Away - Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris Philips
Henry Mancini Theme from Charade Charade OST RCA